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Livløs "The Crescent King" LP (Noctum Productions, 2024)
Bewitcher "Spell Shock" LP (Century Media, 2024)
Aseitas "Eden Trough" LP (Total Dissonance Worship, 2024)
CARNWENNAN "Lotus" LP (Darkest Records, 2024)
Umbra Vitae "Velvet Black" LP (Deathwish, Inc., 2024)
Bad Beat "L.P. 2024" LP (Triple-B Records, 2024)
Contre-Feux "La Morsure + Mort/Vivant" LP ( VOTU Records, 2024)
Huntsmen "The Dry Land" LP (Prosthetic Records, 2024)
Candy "It's Inside You" LP (Relapse, 2024)
No Edits "We All End Up the Same" LP (Better Days Will Haunt You, 2024)
Ends Of Sanity "E.O.S. EP (DAZE, 2024)
Trail Of Lies "Only The Strong" LP (Triple-B Records, 2024)
Wormwitch “Wormwitch” LP (Prosthetic Records, 2024)
Mandibula "Self Devourment" LP (Kythibong Records, 2024)
Pillar Of Light "Caldera" LP (Transcending Obscurity Records, 2024)
Heavenly Blue "We Have The Answer" LP (Secret Voice Records, 2023)
Hate Force "Systems Of Terror" LP (Closed Casket Activities, 2024)
Jucifer "Calling All Cars On The Vegas Strip" LP (Init Records, 2024)
200 Stab Wounds "Manual Manic Procedures" LP (Metal Blade Records, 2024)
Trippelgänger "Possessor" LP (Self-Released, 2024)
SVNEATR "Never Return" LP (Prosthetic Records, 2024)
Red N' Rebel "Sacred Energy" LP (Rocksound / Producciones A Cara Perro, 2024)
Rust "True Decline" EP (New Age Records, 2024)
ACXDC "G.O.A.T." LP (Prosthetic Records, 2024)
Intranced "Muerte Y Metal" LP (High Roller Records, 2024)
Ba'al "Soft Eyes" EP (Ripcord Records, 2024)
Lares "Et In Arcadia Ego" LP (Argonauta Records, 2024)
Terminal Nation "Echoes Of The Devil's Den" LP (20 Buck Spin, 2024)
Early Moods "A Sinner's Past" LP (RidingEasy Records, 2024)
Loyal To The Grave "Rectitude" EP (Triple B Records, 2024)
Simulakra "Reincarnation" EP (DAZE, 2024)

Deadguy "Fixation On A Coworker" LP (Popgun Records, 2024)
Snuffed "Lobotomy Dream" EP (Another City Records, 2024)
Kōya "Fragments" LP ( 5FeetUnder Records, 2024)
Offernat "Where Nothing Grows" LP (Indisciplinarian, 2024) End of Dayz “Searching For a Way Out” EP (Creator-Destructor / Code of Conduct, 2024)
Nag "Boys Of Europe" LP (Fysisk Format, 2024)
Bossk ".4" LP (Deathwish, 2024)
NAXEN “Descending Into A Deeper Darkness” LP (Vendetta Records, 2024)
Brazen Tongue "Of Crackling Embers & Sorrows Drowned" LP (Self-Released, 2024)
Locrian "End Terrain" LP (Profound Lore, 2024)
Black Tusk "The Way Forward" LP (Season Of Mist, 2024)
Nø Man "Glitter And Spit" LP (Iodine Recordings, 2024)
Melvic Centre "Melvic Centre" LP (Self-Released, 2024)
Indoctrinate "Kollapse" LP (Pyrrhic Defeat Records, 2024)
Serenity "1,000,000 Eyes" EP (Self-Released, 2024)
Dopethrone "Broke Sabbath" LP (Totem Cat Records, 2024)
Guiltless "Thorns" EP (Neurot Recordings, 2024)
Agonista "Grey And Dry" LP (Armageddon Label, 2024)
AWOL "Tear 'Em To Bits" LP (Flatspot Records, 2024)
Mouth For War "Bleed Yourself" LP (MNRK Heavy, 2024)
Toadliquor "Back In The Hole" LP (Southern Lord, 2024)
Big Deal "Beyond Repair" LP (Heroes + Martyrs, 2024)
Mæntis "To Become King" LP (Grazil Records, 2024)
Iron Monkey "Spleen And Goad" LP (Relapse, 2024)
Deviated Instinct "Dance Of The Plague Bearer" LP (Terminal Filth, 2024)
Red Mesa "Parial Distortions" LP (Desert Records, 2024)
Knoll "As Spoken" LP (Total Dissonance Worship, 2024)
Bite The Hand "Brutal By Design" EP (Bug Bite Records, 2024)
Prisoner “Putrid | Obsolete” LP (Persistent Vision, 2024)
Elysia "Masochist" LP (Tribunal Records, 2024)
ALARM! "ALARM!" LP (Self-Released, 2024)
Mastiff "Deprecipice" LP (MNRK Heavy, 2024)
Modern Life Is War "Tribulation Worksongs" LP (Deathwish Inc., 2024)
Dry Socket "Sorry For Your Loss" LP (To Livve A Lie/Blind Rage Records, 2024)
Hammok "Look How Long Lasting Everything Is Moving Forward For Once" LP (Thirty Something Records, 2024)
Death Ridge Boys "Society Overdose" EP (Blackwater Records, 2024)
Infant Island "Obsidian Wreath" LP (Secret Voice, 2024)
Necrot "Lifeless Birth" LP (Tank Crimes, 2024)
Leather Lung “Graveside Grin” LP (Magnetic Eye Records, 2024)
Crawling "Make Believe" LP (Self-Released, 2024)
MOOM "Plague Infested Urban Dump Of The Future" LP (To Live A Lie Records/Lixiviat Records, 2024)
Clarion Void "Failure in Repetition" LP (Lost Future Records, 2024)
Xibalba "Aztlán" EP (Closed Casket Activities, 2024)
Kollapse "AR" LP (Fysisk Format, 2024)
Time X Heist "The Odds Against Tomorrow" EP (Heroes And Martyrs, 2024)
Glass "The Culture Of Resistance" LP (Self-Released, 2024)
Lifesick “Love And Other Lies” EP (Metal Blade Records, 2024)
Yersin "The Scythe Is Remorseless" LP (Trepanation Records, 2024)
Horse God "Giraffatron" LP (Self-Released, 2024)                                            


Vastum "Befouled In Self-Salvation" Flexi (Decibel Flexi Series/20 Buck Spin, 2023)
Misery Signals "Live In Isolation" LP (Self-Released, 2023)
Outright "Bury Us" EP (Reason And Rage Records, 2023)
Apostle "Liminal" LP (Terminus Hate City, 2023)
Far From Giants "Sick Sense of Timing" LP (Self-Released, 2023)
Capsule "Ferox" EP (Self-Released, 2023)
Holy Caravan "Secret Rites" EP (Extinction Burst, 2023)
Bug "Lux Ultima" LP (Interstellar Records, 2023)
Jonathan van den Wijngaarden "The 7th Guest VR (Original Soundtrack)" LP (Jonathan van den Wijngaarden/Vertigo Games, 2023)
Llewelyn "Disposable Culture" EP (The Ghost Is Clear Records, 2023)
Hereditary "Can't Stop It" EP (Forever Ending Records, 2023)
C.L.S.M. "Infinity Shit" LP (Auxillary Records/Equal Vision Records, 2023)
Fire Valley Fire "Fire Valley Fire" LP (Self-Released, 2023)
Fauç "Mescladís De Matances" LP (Self-Released, 2023)
Fulci "The Morrisound Session" LP (Maggot Stomp, 2023)
Challenger Deep "III. The Path" LP (Self-Released, 2023)
Strange Magic "This Is The Future They Wanted" LP (Magic Club Records, 2023)
Scalp "Live Extremity" EP (Creator-Destructor Records, 2023)
The Accused "More Fun Than An Open Casket Funeral" (Unrest Records, 2023)
Castles "Cover Me In Light" EP (Black Basset Records, 2023)
Sutratma "Realms Of Eternal Immolation" LP (Self-Released, 2023)
Koalra "Disasterclass" LP (Gigantic Noise, 2023)
Bewitcher "Deep Cuts And Shallow Graves" LP (Century Media, 2023)
Ceremonial Bloodbath "Genesis of Malignant Entropy" Sentient Ruin, 2023)
Strigoi "Bathed In A Black Sun" EP (Season Of Mist, 2023)
Skeletal Mass "Shattering" LP (Self-Released, 2023)
Obroa-Skai “Science Progresses One Funeral at a Time” (Zegema Beach Records, 2023)
Twitching Tongues "Twitchfits Vol. 1" EP (Closed Casket Activities, 2023)
Flesh Of The Stars "The Glass Garden" LP (Self-Released, 2023)
Filth Of Mankind "The Final Chapter" LP (Ruin Nation Records, 2023)
Rile "Pessimist" LP (Church Road Records, 2023)
Dave Hickey "Life As We Know It" LP (Art Issues Press, 2023)
Disfear "Everyday Slaughter" LP (La Familia Releases/Havoc Records, 2023)
Closet Witch "Chiaroscuro" LP (Moment Of Collapse Records, 2023)
Sentenced 2 Die "Parasitic Infection" LP (Maggot Stomp, 2023)
Jonathan van den Wijngaarden "After The Fall (Original Soundtrack)" LP (Jonathan van den Wijngaarden/Vertigo Games, 2023)
Dawnwalker "Human Ruins" LP (Self-Released, 2023)
Modder "The Great Liberation Through Hearing" LP (Lay Bare Recordings/Consouling Sounds, 2023)
Morne "Engraved with Pain" LP (Metal Blade Records, 2023)
Vastum "Inward To Gethsemane" LP (20 Buck Spin, 2023)
Deconsecrate "Dark Night Of The Soul" LP (Reality Records, 2023)
Spiritual Poison "Incorporeal" LP (Closed Casket Activities, 2023)
Sadhus (The Smoking Community) "Illegal Sludge" LP (Ouga Booga Recordings, 2023)
Pyrolatrous "Inveterate" LP (Gilead Media, 2023)
Kill The Con Man "Militant Minority" LP (Riot Ready Records, 2023)
Jonathan van den Wijngaarden "After The Fall (Original Soundtrack)" LP (Jonathan van den Wijngaarden/Vertigo Games, 2023)
Jonathan van den Wijngaarden "Text Express (Original Soundtrack)" LP (Jonathan van den Wijngaarden/Story Giant Games, 2023)
Helga "Wrapped in Mist" LP (Season Of Mist, 2023)
Pleiades "Affinity With" LP (Self-Released, 2023)
Rat King "Psychotic Reality" LP (Satanik Royalty Records, 2023)
Jonathan van den Wijngaarden "Sym.BIOS: Torn Asunder (Original Soundtrack) " LP (Jonathan van den Wijngaarden/Cassiopeia Developments, 2023)
Racetraitor "Creation and the Timeless Order of Things" LP (Good Fight Music, 2023)
Cold As Life "Declination Of Independence" LP (A389 Recordings, 2023)
Self Deprecator "Fruit Of Our Labor" LP (Modern Grievance, 2023)
Shotmaker "A Moment In Time: 1993-1996" LP (Solid Brass Records, 2023)
Jonathan van den Wijngaarden "Use Of Color" LP (Jonathan van den Wijngaarden 2023)
Beastplague "A Different Animal" EP (Night Shift Merch, 2023)
AGLO "Build Fear" LP (Brilliant Emperor Records, 2023)
Sleep Maps "Reclaim Chaos" LP (Lost Future Records, 2023)
Berthold City "A Moment In Time" LP (WAR Records, 2023)
Head "Burning Bridges" EP (Self-Released, 2023)
Daniele Brusaschetto "Bruise A Shadow" LP (Wormholedeath, 2023)
Tired Minds "The Body Is A Burden" EP (Art As Catharsis Records, 2023)
Human Missile Crisis "Liquor Store Stories" LP (Self-Released, 2023)
Fredag Den 13:e "Mänskliga Gränstillstånd" LP (Phobia Records, 2023)
The Death Wheelers "Chaos And The Art Of Motorcycle Madness" LP (RidingEasy Records, 2023)
Witching "Incendium" LP (Translation Loss, 2023)
Morag Tong "Grieve" LP (Majestic Mountain Records, 2023)
Slowcut "In Death Is Relief" LP (Bad Habit Records, 2023)
Gentle Heresy" We Are Just Visitors" LP (Self-Released, 2023)
Howling Giant "Glass Future" LP (Magnetic Eye Records, 2023)
The Gorge "Mechanical Fiction" LP (Pelagic Records, 2023)
Dying Breed "Take My Soul... Give Me Grave" LP (A389 Recordings, 2023)
Human Garbage "Straight Not Giving A Fuck" EP (Creator-Destructor Records, 2023)
Pansophic "The 2023 Massacre" (LIP Media Productions Inc., 2023)
Worn "Condensing Flesh" EP (From Within Records, 2023)
Body Void "Atrocity Machine" LP (Prosthetic Records, 2023)
Kylesa "Kylesa" LP (Self-Released, 2023)
1n.F0rmat10n "Digital Rituals" LP (Self-Released, 2023)
healthyliving "Songs Of Abundance, Psalms Of Grief" (La Rubia Producciones, 2023)
Pire "Grief World" (Self-Released, 2023)
Hellebores "Uncles" LP (Bluish Greenish Records, 2023)
City Windows "Velvet Divorce" LP (Midwest Migration Records, 2023)
Capra "Errors" LP (Metal Blade, 2023)
Beastwars "Blood Becomes Fire" (Destroy Records, 2023)
Malevolence "Apparitions" LP (Supreme Echo, 2023)
Great Falls "Objects Without Pain" LP (Neurot Recordings, 2023)
Hazing Over "Tunnel Vision" EP (1123 Records, 2023)
Death Ridge Boys "Too Much Bullshit" LP (TKO Records, 2023)
Nø Man "Poison Darts" Flexi (Iodine Recordings, 2023)
Blood Runs Cold "Blood Runs Cold" EP (DAZE, 2023)
Oxx "The Primordial Blues" LP (Nefarious Industries, 2023)
Seek "Kokyou De Shinu Otoko" LP (Silent Pendulum Records, 2023)
High Priest "Invocation" LP (Magnetic Eye Records, 2023)
Body Stuff "Body Stuff 4" LP (The Chain, 2023)
Jonathan van den Wijngaarden "PathCraft (Original Soundtrack) " LP (Jonathan van den Wijngaarden/Vertigo Games, 2023)
OLTH "every day is sOmeOne's speciaL day" LP (Zegema Beach Records, 2023)
Summer Houses "Frantic Hearts" LP (Self-Released, 2023)
Creeping Death "Boundless Domain" LP (MNRK Heavy, 2023)
Barren Heir "Died Down" LP (Self-Released, 2023)
Sunami "Sunami" LP (Triple B Records, 2023)
World Peace "It Is Written" LP (Twelve Gauge Records, 2023)
Strife "Witness A Rebirth" LP ((WAR Records, 2023)
Carried By Six / Hold My Own "Split EP" (Never Ran Never Will Records, 2023)
Life Scars "Pęknięte Serca" LP (Life Scars Records, 2023)
World I Hate "Years Of Lead" LP (WAR Records, 2023)
Friendship Commanders "Mass" LP (Trimming The Shield Records, 2023)
Head Of The Baptist "The Pyre Of Equivalence" EP (Self-Released, 2023)
Fauns "Surcease" EP (Self-Released, 2023)
Snakemother "Snakemother" LP (Self-Released, 2023)
Milorganaut "Jones Island" EP (Diseased Audio, 2023)
The BQs "Stand In The Jam" LP (Cort Records, 2023)
Tumble "Lady Cadaver" EP (Self-Released, 2023)
Oxblood Forge "Cult Of Oblivion" EP (Self-Released, 2023)
Radiant Knife "Pressure" LP (Self-Released, 2023)
The Arson Project "God Bless" LP (De:Nihil Records, 2023)
Atomçk "Towering Failures" LP (SuperFi Records, 2023)
Death "Fate (The Best Of Death)" LP (Relapse, 2023)
Anti Ritual "Green Terrorism" EP (Indisciplinarian, 2023)
SOMNURI "Desiderium" LP (MNRK Heavy, 2023)
Lifestyle "My Life Is My Life" EP (Rcslum Recordings, 2023)
Chiens "x1.8.7. MYSELFx" EP (Plaisir d'Offrir Records, 2023)
Mirakler "How I Became The Devil" LP (Reptilian Records, 2023)
Embargo "High Seas" LP (Self-Released, 2023)
Bird Law "Disintegration Blues" EP (Self-Released, 2023)
Plague Mind "Plague Mind" LP ( Worst Enemy Records, 2023)
Twitching Tongues "Sleep Therapy" LP (Closed Casket Activities, 2023)
Duskwood "The Last Voyage" LP (Ripple Music, 2023)
Widower "Alone As A God" LP (Self-Released, 2023)
SHE "Goodpaster" LP (Self-Released, 2023)
Arson "All In, All Sin" LP (Self-Released, 2023)
Dorthia "Death Folk Country" LP (Relapse, 2023)
Lo! "The Gleaners" LP (Pelagic Records, 2023)
There Were Wires "There Were Wires" LP (Iodine Records, 2023)
EXNUN "Nutshell Studies Of Unexplained Death" LP (Time To Kill Records, 2023)
Heel Turn "Glamorous Void" LP (The Ghost Is Clear Records, 2023)
Thra "Forged In Chaotic Spew" LP (Translation Loss, 2023)
Mournful Congregation "The Exuviae of Gods - Part II" EP (20 Buck Spin, 2023)
Oratory "Dark Ray Void" 7" (Bad Habits Records, 2023)
Funeral Language "None Of This Was Supposed To Happen" LP (Self-Released, 2023)
21 Bricks "Everything Was Forever" LP (Riot Ready Records, 2023)
Buggin "Concrete Cowboys" LP (Flatspot Records, 2023)
Telos "Delude" LP (Vinyltroll Records, 2023)
Goat The Head "Et Lokalsamfunn I Sorg" LP (Crispin Glover Records, 2023)
Wynona "Great Big Room" LP (Self-Released, 2023)
Night In At Tiananmens "Head First Into The Berkeley Pit" LP (self-Released, 2023)
Lifecrusher/Frantic State "Split EP " (Modern Illusion Records, 2023)
Godsleep "Lies To Survive" LP (Ouga Booga And The Mighty Oug Recordings, 2023)
Hellish Form "Deathless" LP (Self-Released, 2023)
Gumm "Slogan Machine" LP (Convulse Records, 2023)
Never Ending Game "Outcry" LP (Triple B Records, 2023)
Fox Wound "Death Blossoms in a Trauma Year" LP (Funeral Hum, 2023)
Riversleem "A Second Release by Riversleem" EP (Zegema Beach Records, 2023)
Holy Figures "New Superstitions" EP (New Morality Zine, 2023)
Hoy Es Siempre Todavía "El Mapa De Mi Albedrio" LP (The Braves Records, 2023)
Jesco Payne & The Painkillers "Lonesome Tears" LP (Self-Released, 2023)
The Shits "You're A Mess" LP (Rocket Recordings, 2023)
[Lat X] "Hard Muscles & Hate" LP (Self-Released, 2023)
Warfuck "Dyptique" EP (LIXIVIAT Records, 2023)
The Postman Syndrome "Terraforming" (Silent Pendulum Records, 2023)
Cloak "Black Flame Eternal" LP (Season Of Mist, 2023)
East Of The Wall "A Neutral Second" LP (Translation Loss Records, 2023)
Great Falls "Funny What Survives" EP (Self-Released, 2023)
Sunbloc "Sunday Music" LP (SMD Records, 2023)
Vamachara “No Roses On My Grave” LP (Self-Released, 2023)
Mammon's Throne "Mammon's Throne" LP (Brilliant Emperor Records, 2023)
Ikarie "Arde" LP (Avantgarde Music, 2023)
Krishna "Headless" LP (Kewn Records, 2023)
Indication "Demo 2023" EP (Militia Inc., 2023)
Buen Destino "Buen Destino" LP (BCore Disc, 2023)
Mast Year "Knife" LP (Grimoire Records, 2023)
HIRAM-MAXIM "Colder" LP (Aqualamb Records, 2023)
Throe "MMXXIII" EP (Mouth Of Madness, 2023)
Total Invasion "Invasion Zone" EP (Brutal Mind, 2023)
BL’AST "Manic Ride" LP (Southern Lord, 2023)
Crouch "Crouch" EP (Self-Released, 2023)
Goat Explosion "Threatening Skies" LP (Into Endless Chaos Records, 2023)
Year Of The Knife "Dust To Dust" EP (Pure Noise Records, 2023)
Dangerface "Be Damned!" LP (Fysisk Format, 2023)
Kishi "KHAOS" EP (Mongrel Records, 2023)
Desert Storm "Death Rattle" LP (APF Records, 2023)
Goatsmoke "Satanic Blues" LP (Self-Released, 2023)
Resignation "You Are More Than Right Now" EP (Friend Club Records, 2023)
Torn In Half "Crawling From the Abyss" EP (Terminus Hate City, 2023)
Riverhead "Cancer" LP (Sounds Of Subterrania, 2023)
Late Night Venture "V: Bones Of The Extinct" LP (Self-Released, 2023)
Kruelty "Untopia" LP (Profound Lore, 2023)
Fireworks "Higher Lonely Power" LP (Funeral Plant Collective, 2023)
Night Demon "Outsider" LP (Century Media, 2023)
AGLO "Into The Maze" EP (Self-Released, 2023)
Old Spirit "Burning In Heaven" LP (Self-Released, 2023)
Scalp "Black Tar" LP (Closed Casket Activities, 2023)
Negative Blast "Echo Planet" LP (Quiet Panic, 2023)
Zeup "Mammals" LP (Self-Released, 2023) 
Fathers "He Who Greets With Fire" LP (Self-Released, 2023)
Warp "Bound By Gravity" LP (Nasoni Records, 2023)
Rotten Sound "Apocalypse" LP (Season Of Mist, 2023)
EYES "Congratulations" LP (Indisciplinarian, 2023)
Raum Kingdom "Monarch" LP (Argonauta Records, 2023)
Die Like Gentlemen "Hard Truths" LP (Self-Released, 2023)
Obelyskkh “The Ultimate Grace Of God” LP (Exile On Mainstream Records, 2023)
Obituary "Dying Of Everything" LP (Relapse, 2023)
Riot Stares "Sounds Of Acceleration" LP (DAZE, 2023)
Dirge "Dirge" LP (Self-Released, 2023)                                                             


Bitter Branches "Your Neighbors Are Failures" LP (Equal Vision Records, 2022)
16 "Into Dust" LP (Relapse, 2022) 
Hoaxed "Two Shadows" LP (Relapse, 2022)
All Else Failed "Archetype" (Reissue) LP (Translation Loss, 2022)
Hell Fire "Reckoning" LP (RidingEasy Records, 2022)
Girih "Eigengrau" LP (Dunk!Records, 2022)
Battalions "King Of A Dead World" LP (APF Records, 2022)
Teething "Help" LP (Selfmadegod Records, 2022)
Made For Lying "Weed and the American Worker" LP (Self-Released, 2022)
Native "Dog Chain" EP (Self-Released, 2022)
Sector "The Chicago Sector" LP (DAZE, 2022)
Furthest From The Light "Sacrament Of The Sick" EP (Self-Released, 2022)
State Run Radio "State Run Radio" LP (Lemmis Records, 2022)
Otus "Morgue" EP (Daymare Recordings, 2022)
American Cheese "Extra Cheese" LP (Onama Media Group, 2022)
Inclination "Unaltered Perspective" LP (Pure Noise Records, 2022)
Orbiter "Head Wounds" EP (Salvaged Records, 2022)
Gotho "Mind Bowling" LP (Controcanti Produzioni, 2022)
The Orions "The Orions" LP ( Otitis Media Records, 2022)
Friendship Commanders "Release The Rest" EP (Self-Released, 2022)
Razor "Cycle Of Contempt" LP (Relapse, 2022)
Sarin "Sarin" LP (Tape House USA, 2022)
Break City Drowwners "Calivania" LP (Self-Released, 2022)
Break City Drowwners "Pennsylfornia" LP (Self-Released, 2022)
Ottawa "The Third Age" LP (Council Records, 2022)
Omsorg "Moments, Movements" LP (5FeetUnder Records, 2022)
Tons "Hashension" LP (Heavy Psych Sounds, 2022)
Cinderblock "Breathe The Fire" LP (WAR Records, 2022)
Escuela Grind "Memory Theater" LP (MNRK Heavy, 2022)
Morbid Visionz "Cycle Of Cessation" EP (Maggot Stomp/Closed Casket Activities, 2022)
R.A.M.B.O. "Defy Extinction" LP (Relapse, 2022)
Punitive Damage "This Is The Blackout" LP (Atomic Action! Records, 2022)
Suicide Silence "Remember... You Must Die" LP (Century Media, 2022)
King Bee "King Bee" LP (Doomtown Sounds, 2022)
Alienatör "Regrets" LP (Self-Released, 2022)
Valve "Thermoclines" LP (Itawak Records, 2022)
Deadbody "The Requiem" LP (Closed Casket Activities, 2022)
Heathen Prayer "The Devil and the Day Laborer" EP (Self-Released, 2022)
Mourning "Disenlightenment" LP (Retribute Records, 2022)
Hyperviolet "Dawn Patrol" LP (Riot Ready Records, 2022)
The Holy Ghost Tabernacle Choir "Slow Murder" LP (Graveface Records, 2022)
Terror Cell "Caustic Light" LP (Fisher King Records, 2022)
AGLO "Collector" EP (Self-Released, 2022)
Limbwrecker "Dirty Power" 7" (Self-Released, 2022)
Grava "Weight of a God" LP (Aesthetic Death, 2022)
Tsygun "ХВОРЬ (HVOR')" LP (Self-Released, 2022)
The Usuals "From The Valley To The Alley" EP (Self-Released, 2022)
Sawchuk "Modern Love" LP (Dropping Bombs, 2022)
Half Gramme Of Soma "Slip Through The Cracks" LP (Sound Of Liberation Records, 2022)
The Eradicator "Forever The Eradicator" LP (Stonewalled Records, 2022)
Armed For Apocalypse "Ritual Violence" LP (Candlelight Records, 2022)
Sorcerer "Pleasures" LP (Deliverance Records, 2022)
Mindforce "New Lords" LP (Trible-B Records, 2022)
Dirt Forge "Interspheral" LP (Majestic Mountain Records, 2022)
Ground "Habitual Self-Abuse" LP (Hibernation Release, 2022)
Doom Beach "Copperhead" LP (The Ghost Is Clear Records, 2022)
Livid "Compiled Hatred" LP (Twelve Gauge Records, 2022)
Strigoi "Viscera" LP (Season Of Mist, 2022)
XDeliveranceX "The Ultimate Sacrifice" LP (The Coming Strife Records, 2022)
Tribal Gaze "The Nine Choirs" LP (Maggot Stomp, 2022)
Dawnwalker "House Of Sand" LP (Room 312, 2022)
Offernat "All Colours Retract" LP (Self-Released, 2022)
Mikau "PHANTOMa" LP (Big Money Cybergrind, 2022)
Early Moods "Early Moods" LP (RidingEasy Records, 2022)
Languish "Feeding The Flames Of Annihilation" LP (Prosthetic Records, 2022)
Ripper "Wasteland" LP (Black Water Records, 2022)
Recitals "Orbit I" LP (Flying Nun Records, 2022)
Ancient Death "Sacred Vessel" LP (Necroharmonic Productions, 2022)
Hive "Spiritual Poverty" LP (Translation Loss, 2022)
Highway Sniper "The Great Satan" EP (Self-Released, 2022)
Pilori "Quand Bien Même L’Enfer et le Déluge S’abattraient sur Nous" LP (Self-Released, 2022)
Luxferre "Faces" LP (Self-Released, 2022)
Throes "Throes" EP (The Ghost Is Clear Records, 2022)
Choke "Desiphon" EP (Translation Loss, 2022)
Outright "Keep You Warm" LP (Reason And Rage Records, 2022)
Hellshock "Hellshock" LP (Black Water Records, 2022)
Cinderblock "Breathe The Fire" LP (WAR Records, 2022)
Righteous Fool "Righteous Fool" LP (Ripple Music, 2022)
Obituary "Slowly We Rot - Live And Rotting" LP (Relapse, 2022)
Obituary "Cause Of Death - Live Infection" LP (Relapse, 2022)
Kylesa "Static Tensions" LP (Self-Released, 2022)
Kylesa "Time Will Fuse Its Worth" LP (Self-Released, 2022)
Kylesa "To Walk A Middle Course" LP (Self-Released, 2022)
Body Void "Burn The Homes Of Those Who Seek To Control Our Bodies" EP (Self-Released, 2022)
Locrian "New Catastrophism" LP (Profound Lore, 2022)
Ghostsmoker "Grief" EP (Goatsound, 2022)
Bloodbox "Post Human Disorder" LP (Headwound Recordingz, 2022)
Tombs "Ex Oblivion" EP (Season Of Mist, 2022)
Form Rank "Form Rank" LP (Dune Altar, 2022)
Firebreather "Dwell In The Fog" LP (RidingEasy Records, 2022)
Ian Blurton's Future Now "Second Skin" LP (Seeing Red Records/Pajama Party, 2022)
Neolithic "Shattering Vessels" LP (The Other Records, 2022)
Bleached Cross "Bleached Cross" LP (Protagonist Music, 2022)
Wayward Dawn "All-Consuming Void" LP (Emanzipation Productions, 2022)
Greber "Fright Without" LP (Hibernation Release, 2022)
Dead Fiero "DF-209" LP (Self-Released, 2022)
Grandpa Jack "Grits" LP (Self-Released, 2022)
Terminal Nation/Kruelty "The Ruination Of Imperialism" Split LP (20 Buck Spin, 2022)
Mutually Assured Destruction "Ascension" LP (Triple-B Records, 2022)
Ashenspire "Hostile Architecture" LP (Self-Released, 2022)
Fatalist "Ruination" LP (Pumpkin Records, 2022)
Ether Coven "The Relationship Between The Hammer And The Nail" LP (Good Fight Music, 2022)
Nashgul/Teething Split LP (Tupatupa Records, 2022)
Mantar "The Blackness Of Darkness Forever" LP (Metal Blade, 2022)
Suicide Silence "Thinking In Tongues" EP (Century Media, 2022)
Funeral Chic "Roman Candle" LP (Prosthetic Records, 2022)
Mine Collapse "Delusions" LP (Nefarious Industries, 2022)
End It "Unpleasant Living" EP (Flatspot Records, 2022)
Passthru "What Does It Make You Feel?" LP (Isolation Records, 2022)
Nerver "Cash" LP (The Ghost Is Clear Records, 2022)
Zous "No Ground To Give" EP (Closed Casket Activities/Maggot Stomp, 2022)
Dog Dimension "Rabies" LP (Dogspeed! Records, 2022)
Cowards & Thieves "Dedicated To Dead People" LP (Self-Released, 2022)
Killing Pace "S/T" EP (Self-Released, 2022)
Barren "I" LP (Grindhead Records, 2022)
Agency "Infinite" LP (Erot Media, 2022)
Damato "Triumf Smrti" EP (Self-Released, 2022)
The Mourning "Time Well Wasted" EP (Self-Released, 2022)
Snuffed "Coping Human Waste" LP (Another City Records, 2022)
Gridiron "No Good At Goodbyes" LP (Triple-B Records, 2022)
FØES/Heated Split EP (Glacier Recordings, 2022)
Holocausto Canibal "Crueza Ferina" LP (Selfmadegod Records, 2022)
Cavernlight "As I Cast Ruin Upon The Lens That Reveals My Every Flaw" LP (Translation Loss, 2022)
Tvivler "Kilogram" LP (Fysisk Format, 2022)
Payasa "The Haze Begins..." EP (1648 Records, 2022)
Millions Of Dead Angels "Full Blown Satanic Assault" LP (Under City records, 2022)
Thorium "Danmark" LP (Emanzipation Records, 2022)
Skaven "Flowers of Flesh and Blood" LP (Carbonized Records, 2022)
Myteri "Illusion" LP (Alerta Antifascista, 2022)
Norilsk "Beyond The Mountains" EP (Hypnotic Dirge Records, 2022)
Permanent Mistakes "Demo 2022" (A389 Recordings, 2022)
Hoofless "Ad Nauseam" LP (Diabolical Records, 2022)
Chronomancy "Shadows In Atlantis" LP (Fighter Records, 2022)
Knoll "Metempiric" LP (Self-Released, 2022)
The Shenandoah Electric Company "LP1" LP (Pax Aeternum, 2022)
Heavy Hex "Stare" EP (Self-Released, 2022)
Mournful Congregation "The Exuviae of Gods - Part I" EP (20 Buck Spin, 2022)
Hoy Es Siempre Todavía "Amapolas" EP (The Braves Records, 2022)
Inclination "A Glimpse Through The Lens" 7" (Pure Noise records, 2022)
Allegation "Final Fool" EP (Patient Zero Records, 2022)
Come To Grief "When The World Dies" LP (Translation Loss, 2022)
Carmën Lipstick "Volume II" LP (Diablero Music Records, 2022)
Yatra "Born Into Chaos" LP (Prosthetic Records, 2022)
Mean Mug "Head Hurt" LP (Rats Ass Records, 2022)
Crossed "Morir" EP (Pundonor Records, 2022)
Cleaver "No More Must Crawl" LP (Klonosphere Records, 2022)
The Catatonics "Hunted Down" EP (Southern Lord, 2022)
Abysmalist "Vile Possession" LP (Maggot Stomp, 2022)
Sanhedrin "Lights On" LP (Metal Blade, 2022)
Konvent "Call Down The Sun" LP (Napalm Records, 2022)
Kadavermarch "Into Oblivion" LP (Last Mile Records, 2022)
Outstand "Worse Than Before" LP (Moral Panic Records, 2022)
Lunar Blood "Twilight Insurgency" (Pulverised Records, 2022)
Redemption Denied "Where Dead Ends Meet" LP (Isolation Records, 2022)
Without Waves "Comedian" LP (Prosthetic Records, 2022)
Casket Feeder "Servants Of Violence" LP (Self-Released, 2022)
Foreign Hands "Bleed The Dream" EP (DAZE, 2022)
Tribal Gaze "Godless Voyage" LP (Maggot Stomp, 2022)
Nightstalker "Superfreak" LP Re-issue (The Lab/Labyrinth Of Thoughts, 2022)
OR "Pariah" LP (Dog & Pony Records, 2022)
Summer Houses "A Night Out" EP (Self-Released, 2022)
Golgothan Remains "Adorned In Ruin" LP (Brilliant Emperor/Sentient Ruin, 2022)
Author & Punisher "Krüller" LP (Relapse, 2022)
Sumo "TWO" LP (Rikishi Records, 2022)
Tugboyz "Tugboyz EP" (Self-Released, 2022)
Tuskar "Matriarch" LP (Church Road Records, 2022)
All Else Failed "A Most Bitter Season (Reissue)" LP (Translation Loss, 2022)
Berthold City "When Words Are Not Enough" LP (WAR Records, 2022)
Maneating Orchid "Hive Mind" LP (Self-Released, 2022)
Body Rag "Idiocracy Nation" EP (Self-Released, 2022)
Mount Desert "Fear The Heart" LP (Self-Released, 2022)
Prayer Group "Michael Dose" LP (Reptillian Records, 2022)
Lifesick “Misanthropy” LP (Isolation Records, 2022)
Slowbleed "The Blazing Sun, A Fiery Dawn" LP (Creator-Destructor Records, 2022)
Graveir "Iconostasis" LP (Brilliant Emperor Records, 2022)
PUSH! "Bad Intentions" EP (Knives Out Records, 2022)
Churchburn "Genocidal Rite" LP (Translation Loss, 2022)
Age Of Apocalypse "Grim Wisdom" LP (Closed Casket Activities, 2022)
VVorse "Kurjien Elegia" LP (Off Records, 2022)
RGRSS "A World Of Concern" LP (Self-Released, 2022)
Graves For Gods "The Oldest Gods" LP (Sleeping Church Records, 2022)
Santa Sangre "Feast For The New Gods" LP (Closed Casket Activities, 2022)
Boxing With Ghosts "Deadly Decoupage" LP (Evil Tone Records, 2022
Arcem "An Amalgamation Of Loss, Defeat, and Renewal" LP (Onama Media Group, 2022)
Vonnis "Pheromone Trails" LP (Self-Released, 2022)
Mikau "Abandonware" EP (Self-Released, 2022)
Descent "Order Of Chaos" LP (Redefining Darkness Records, 2022)


Monolord "Your time To Shine" LP (Relapse Records, 2021)
Agnes Vein "Deathcall" LP (Venerate Industries, 2021)
Never Ending Game "Halo & Wings" EP (Triple-B records, 2021)
Engine Kid "Special Olympics" EP (Southern Lord, 2021)
Salmonblaster "S/T" LP (Yeah Right! Records, 2021)
Hope Drone "Husk" LP (Self-Released, 2021)
Planet Of The Dead "Pilgrims" LP (Self-Released, 2021)
Flames Of Betrayal "The Rain Reeks Of Heaven" LP (The Coming Strife Records, 2021)
Chemical Fix "Our Shade Casts Far" LP (Safe Inside Records, 2021)
Daxma "Unmarked Boxes" LP (Blues Funeral Records, 2021)
Lucky Thirteens "S/T" LP (Vinyl Fetish, 2021)
Crystal Spiders "Morieris" LP (Ripple Music, 2021)
Glassing "Twin Dream" LP (Brutal Panda Records, 2021)
Sarcoughagus "Delusions Of The Sick" LP (Maggot Stomp, 2021)
Sumokem "Prajnaparadha" LP (Cursed Tongue Records, 2021)
Burial Dance "Structures" LP (Moment Of Collapse Records, 2021)
Palomino Blond "ontheinside" LP (Limited Fanfare records, 2021)
The Eradicator "Get Stoked" 7" (Say-10, 2021)
Remain Sedate "Unwell" EP (The Ghost Is Clear Records, 2021)
Livløs "And Then There Were None" LP (Napalm Records, 2021)
The Rememberables "Breathe" LP (Adagio830/Head2Wall Records, 2021)
Creeping Death "The Edge Of Existence" LP (eOne, 2021)
Love Is Red "The Hardest Fight / Darkness Is Waiting" LP (Self-Released, 2021)
Hemelbestormer "Collide & Merge" LP (Ván, 2021)
Funeral Noise "Unholy Visions" EP (Self-Released, 2021)
Lyfecoach "Lyfe Threatening Band Politics" EP (HVY CTY REC, 2021)
Commoneer "Saintly Patients" LP (Self-Released, 2021)
200 Stab Wounds "Slave To The Scalpel" LP (Maggot Stomp, 2021)
Frontierer "Oxidized" LP (Self-Released, 2021)
Versus "Endless Duality" LP (Anesthetize Productions, 2021)
Makhaira "Forced To Exist" EP (Self-Released, 2021)
Anti Ritual "Expel The Leeches" LP (Indisciplinarian, 2021)
Knoll "Interstice" LP (Sludgelord Records, 2021)
Desecrator "Summoning" LP (Self-Released, 2021)
Horns Of Domination "Where Voices Leave No Echo" LP (Sepulchral Voice Records, 2021)
Dying Hydra "Of Lowly Origin" LP (Virkelighedsfjern, 2021)
Bitter Branches "Along Came A Bastard" EP (Equal Vision Records, 2021)
Dog Dimension "Endless Summer" EP (Bohemian Drips, 2021)
LLNN "Unmaker" LP (Pelagic Records, 2021)
Watching Tides "We've Been So Close//Yet So Alone" LP (This Charming Man Records, 2021)
Bogwife "A Passage Divine" LP (Majestic Mountain Records, 2021)
Black My Heart "Before The Devil" LP (Triple-B Records, 2021)
Killing "Face The Madness" LP (Mighty Music, 2021)
Supertwin "Fortress" LP (Salvaged Records, 2021)
Jeen "Dog Bite" LP (Self-Released, 2021)
Soul To Keep "Stuck On A Feeling" EP (Force of Reckoning Records, 2021)
Heiress "Distant Fires" LP (Satanik Royalty Records, 2021)
Death's Eminence "In A Hideous Dream Made True" LP (Death's Eminence, 2021)
Nowhere Safe "Celebrate Death, Mourn Loss" EP (Self-Released, 2021)
Chassm "Falling Forever" LP (Art As Catharsis Records, 2021)
Funeral Singer "Oratorio" EP (Self-Released, 2021)
Vamachara "Live From The Pit" EP (Closed Casket Activities, 2021)
Exil "Warning" LP (Armageddon Label, 2021)
Wormwitch "Wolf Hex" LP (Prosthetic Records, 2021)
Floorless "Telepath" LP (Better Dark, 2021)
Dead Heat "World At War" LP (Triple B Records, 2021)
The Lord "VHSFNDEMOS" (Southern Lord, 2021)
Lurk "Around The Sun" LP (Pure Noise Records, 2021)
Verbian "Irrupção" LP (Antigony Records, 2021)
Nox Novacula "Ascension" LP (Bat-Cave Productions, 2021)
Varvara "Bad Acting Good" LP (Haminian Sounds, 2021)
Bossk "Migration" LP (Deathwish, 2021)
Vorvaň "Awakened" LP (Darkened Days Records, 2021)
Yautja "The Lurch" LP (Relapse, 2021)
Great Falls/Throes Split EP (Dropping Bombs, 2021)
Beastwars "Beastwars" LP (Destroy Records, 2021)
Wristmeetrazor "Replica of a Strange Love" LP (Prosthetic Records, 2021)
Throne "Pestilent Dawn" LP (Refining Darkness, 2021)
Cruelty "There Is No God Where I Am" LP (Church Road Records, 2021)
Brainpan/xsavagex Split EP (Nerve Altar, 2021)
Koalra "Into The Everything" LP (Gigantic Noise, 2021)
Glasses "Compendium" LP (Self-Released, 2021)
Capra "In Transmission" LP (Metal Blade, 2021)
Strange Skin "Negative Self" LP (Locron records, 2021)
Sevan "Guide Me Holy Ararat" LP (Glue Man Records, 2021)
Hazing Over "Pestilence" EP (Acrobat Unstable Records, 2021)
Skara "We Slave Our Days" LP (Bouwvakker, 2021)
World Peace "Come And See" LP (Twelve Gauge Records, 2021)
The Armed "Ultrapop" LP (Sargent House, 2021)
God's Hate "God's Hate" LP (Closed Casket Activities, 2021)
Regional Justice Center "Crime And Punishment" LP (Closed Casket Activities, 2021)
Terminal Bliss "Brute Err/ata" EP (Relapse Records, 2021)
Old Dark House "Welcome Home" LP (SFI Records, 2021)
Gravesend "Methods Of Human Disposal" LP (20 Buck Spin, 2021)
Blood Sermon "Never Stop The Madness" LP (Svensk Hardcore Kultur, 2021)
Pupil Slicer "Mirrors" LP (Prosthetic Records, 2021)
We Are Among Storms "The I in We" LP (Over the Under Records, 2021)
High Command "Everlasting Torment" EP (Triple-B Records, 2021)
Janus "Terror" LP (Self-Released, 2021)
Sundrowned "Become Ethereal" LP (Fysisk Format, 2021)
Lüt "Mersmak" LP (Indie Recordings, 2021)
Heave "Heave" LP (Self-Released, 2021)
Goat The Head "Strictly Physical" LP (Crispin Glover Records, 2021)
Silenus "The Garden is Burning" EP (Daze Records, 2021)
Scavengers "Anthropocene" LP (Patient Zero Records, 2021)
Wayward Dawn "House Of Mirrors" LP (Molten Face Records, 2021)
Yautja/Chepang Split EP (GCBT Records, 2021)
Nomadic Rituals "Tides" LP (Self-Released, 2021)
Through Sand "New Ways" EP (KOTP Recordings, 2021)
Somafree Institute "Vertical Helix Scan" LP (SFI Records, 2021)
Another Five Minutes "Fil Rouge" LP (Duality Records, 2021)


R.I.P. "Dead End" LP (RidingEasy Records, 2020)
Ilsa "Preyer" LP (Relapse Records, 2020)
Unreal City "Cruelty of Heaven" LP (Closed Casket Activities, 2020)
Infera Bruo "Rites Of The Nameless" LP (Prosthetic Records, 2020)
Kharma "Most Dangerous Game" EP (Flatspot Records, 2020)
Blood From The Soul "DSM-5" LP (Deathwish, Inc, 2020)
Poison Idea "Blank Blackout Vacant" LP (TKO Records/American Leather, 2020)
Deviated Instinct "Nailed" LP (Terminal Filth, 2020)
Dropdead "1993" LP (Armageddon Label, 2020)
Tower Defense "In The City" LP (YK Records, 2020)
Azarath "Saint Desecration" LP (Agonia Records, 2020)
Realize "Machine Violence" LP (Relapse Records, 2020)
Empress "Wait 'Til Night" LP (Brilliant Emperor Records, 2020)
Spine "L.O.V." EP (Bridge Nine Records, 2019)
Hellripper "The Affair Of The Poisons" LP (Peaceville, 2020)
Morne "Live At Roadburn" LP (Armageddon Label, 2020)
Naedr "Past Is Prologue" LP (Zegema Beach Records, 2020)
Narrenwind "I, Shaman" LP (Wheelwright Productions, 2020)
Blind Delon "Chimères" LP (Manic Depression, 2020)
Reserving Dirtnaps "Another Disaster" EP (WAR Records, 2020)
Engine Kid "Angel Wings" LP (Self-released, 2020)
Engine Kid "Astronaut" EP (Self-released, 2020)
Engine Kid "Heater Sweats Nails" EP (Southern Lord, 2020)
Engine Kid "Novacaine" EP (Southern Lord, 2020)
Dawnwalker "Ages" LP (Self-Released, 2020)
Ceremony "In The Spirit World Now (Synthetic Remixes" LP (Relapse Records, 2020)
Mustasuo "Katharsis" LP (Off Records, 2020)
Terminal Nation "Holocene Extinction" LP (20 Buck Spin, 2020)
Scalp "Domestic Extremity" LP (Creator-Destructor Records, 2020)
Year Of The Knife "Internal Incarceration" LP (Pure Noise Records, 2020)
Dropdead "S/T LP 2020" LP (Armageddon Label, 2020)
Rat Cage "Screams From The Cage" LP (La Vida Es Un Mus, 2020)
Chepang "Dadhelo - A Tale Of Wildfire" LP (Sukma Records, 2020)
Moxiebeat "Pop Sounds" LP (Ethospine Noise, 2020)
Negative Blast "The First Four Months" EP (Self-Released, 2020)
Trvss "New Distances" LP (Cruel Nature Records, 2020)
Bound "Haunts" LP (Diehard Skeleton Records, 2020)
Test "O Jogo Humano" LP (All Music Matters, 2020)
Ba'al "Ellipsism" LP (Clobber Records, 2020)
Get A Grip "United Fight" EP (Criminal Records, 2020)
Hexis " Exstirpo / Exsorbeo" EP (WOOAAARGH, 2020)
Agonista "Embusteros" EP (Exabrupto Records, 2020)
Wills Dissolve "Echoes" LP (Hypnotic Dirge Records, 2020)
Disfear "Soul Scars" LP (La Familia/Havoc Records, 2020)
Reactory "Collapse To Come" LP (Iron Shield Records, 2020)
Body Stuff "Body Stuff 3" EP (The Chain, 2020)
Mark My Way "Thin The Herd" LP (Genet Records, 2020)
Engine Kid "Bear Catching Fish" LP (Self-Released, 2020)
Bomb Squad "Tales From The Old Breed" LP (Self-Released, 2020)
Nø Man "Erase" LP (Quit Life, 2020)
The Infernal Sea "Negotium Crucis" LP (Apocalyptic Witchcraft, 2020)
Goill "Goill" EP (Self-Released, 2020)
Affliction Vector "Death Comes Supreme" EP (Argento Records, 2020)
Lurk "Pressure Points" EP (Pure Noise Records, 2020)
Aseitas "False Peace" LP (Translation Loss, 2020)
Umbra Vitae "Shadow Of Life" LP (Deathwish, Inc., 2020)
Enze "Romança A Les Bèsties" LP (The Braves Records, 2020)
Bogwife "Halls Of Rebirth" LP (Psychedelic Salad Records, 2020)
Eyes Of The Lord "Misery Feels Like Home" LP (Closed Casket Activities, 2020)
Drain "California Cursed" LP (Revelation Records, 2020)
The Death Wheelers "Divine Filth" LP (RidingEasy Records, 2020)
16 "Dream Squasher" LP (Relapse Records, 2020)
Blacklisted "Eye For An Eye" EP (Deathwish, Inc., 2020)
Infant Island "Beneath" LP (Dog Knights Productions, 2020)
Kruelty "A Dying Truth" LP (Daymare/Profound Lore, 2020)
Pilori "À Nos Morts ‎" LP (Terrain Vague, 2020)
Nudie Mag "Our Milk" LP (Triple B Records, 2020)
Mud Lung "Mud Lung" LP (Fuzzfarm Records, 2020)
Mantar "Grungetown Hooligans II" LP (Mantar Records, 2020)
Death Ridge Boys "E.P. Collection" cassette (Thrashzone Tapes, 2020)
Crossed "Barely Buried Love" LP (The Braves Records, 2020)
Friendship Commanders "Hold On To Yourself" EP (Trimming The Shield Records, 2020)
Stolen Mind "Heaven's Packed" LP (Farewell Records, 2020)
Dregspitters "The River Won't Stop" EP (Cruzade/Poisoning/3DB Records, 2020)
Lahar "Hra Stínů" Cassette (Tapes Of Terror Records, 2020)
ACXDC "Satan is King" LP (Prosthetic Records, 2020)
Dropdead "Nothing Remains" Flexi (Decibel Flexi Series/Armageddon Label, 2020)
Night Demon "Empires Fall" EP (Century Media, 2020)
Sick Things "S/T" LP (Yeah Right!, 2020)
Like Rats "Death Monolith" LP (Hibernation Release, 2020)
Leeched "To Dull The Blades Of Your Abuse" LP (Prosthetic Records, 2020)
Jeen "S/T" LP (Self-Released, 2020)
Gravesend "Preparations For Human Disposal" EP (Stygian Black Hand, 2020)
Tvivler "Ego" LP (Self-Released, 2020)
Foot "The Balance Of Nature Shifted" LP (Copper Feast Records, 2020)
Draag "Clara Luz" EP (Self-Released, 2020)
Age Of Apocalypse "The Way" EP (Fuzz Records, 2020)
Bitter Branches "This May Hurt A Bit" EP (Self-Released, 2020)
Witching "Vernal" LP (Self-Released, 2020)
Planet Of The Dead "Fear Of A Dead Planet" LP (Self-Released, 2020)
Black Wings Of Destiny "Burning Dark - Ten Years Legacy" LP (Scatti Vorticosi D.I.Y., 2020)
Neolithic "S/T" EP (The Other Records, 2020)
Bug "Nunc Finis" LP (Rock Is Hell Records, 2020)
Paralysis "Mob Justice" LP (No Dust Records, 2020)
Forgive "Mirrors" LP (KROD Records, 2020)
Institution "Ruptura do Visível" LP (Hearts Bleed Blue, 2020)
Kruelty "Introduction To..." EP (Daymare Recordings, 2020)
Empires "Ready To Die" EP (Front Door Records, 2020)
Dumange "Entre Ratas" LP (Tupatutupa/Face The Lie, 2020)
Jabba "Cool" LP (Loyal Blood Records, 2020)
Well "Trench Dancer" EP (Self-Released, 2020)
Mammon's Throne "Forward Unto Flame" LP (Black Farm Records, 2020)
Fredag Den 13:e "MMVI-MMXIX" EP (Self-Released, 2020)
Infant Island "Sepulcher" EP (Self-Released, 2020)
Habitar La Mar "Comedia Yoica" LP (Violence In The Veins, 2020)
Soda Boyz "Farewell Spit" LP (Papaiti Records, 2020)
156/Silence "Irrational Pull" LP (Self-Released, 2020)
Ahna "Crimson Dawn" LP (Caligari Records, 2020)
Human Animal "False Realities" LP (Surprise Attack Records, 2020)
Easy Prey "Relentless Struggle" EP (1407 Records, 2020)
Goblinsmoker "A Throne In Haze, A World Ablaze" EP (Self-Released, 2020)
Pale Mare "II" LP (Seeing Red Records, 2020)
Go Veterans "Never Back Down" EP (Cruzade Records, 2020)
Rift "Modern Crusades" EP (Self-Released, 2020)
Awake The Mutes "Eyes" LP (Bastardized Recordings, 2020)
Stages In Faith "Delside" LP (Advanced Perspective, 2020)
For Them All "Sometimes I Don't Feel Like Myself" LP (Midsummer Records, 2020)
Harsh R "The Burden" 12" (Self-Released, 2020)
Exmaid "Sorcery" LP (Bangs & Burns, 2020)
Necromorbid "Sathanarchist Assaulter" LP (Iron Tyrant/Caligari Records, 2020)
Midnight "Rebirth By Blasphemy" LP (Metal Blade Records, 2020)
Tugurio "S/T" LP (Ojalá Estë Mi Bici, 2020)
Wristmeetrazor "Take Your Shot Funboy" EP (Bitter Melody Records, 2020)


Strigoi "Abandon All Faith" LP (Nuclear Blast, 2019)
The Warriors "Monomyth" LP (Pure Noise Records, 2019)
Restraining Order "This World Is Too Much" LP (Triple-B Records, 2019)
Cloud Rat "Pollinator" LP (Artoffact Records, 2019)
Eleanora "Mere" LP (Dunk!Records, 2020)
Wear Your Wounds "Rust on the Gates of Heaven" LP (Deathwish, Inc., 2019)
Firebreather "Under A Blood Moon" LP (RidingEasy Records, 2019)
Tripsitter "The Other Side Of Sadness" LP (Prosthetic Records, 2019)
Never Ending Game "Just Another Day" LP (Triple B Records, 2019)
Fuming Mouth "The Grand Descent" LP (Triple-B Records, 2019)
Process Black "Countdown Failure" EP (Deathwish, Inc, 2019)
Earth Moves "Human Intricacy" LP (Truthseeker Music, 2019)
Non Opus Dei "Głód" LP (Pagan Records, 2019)
Driller Killer "Fuck The World" LP (Unrest Records, 2019)
Driller Killer "Reality Bites" LP (Unrest Records, 2019)
American Draft "The Rescue" LP (Self-Released, 2019)
Alienatör "Pariahs" LP (Self-Released, 2019)
Fatalist "Ire" EP (Self-Released, 2019)
Wills Dissolve "The Heavens Are Not On Fire..." LP (Hypnotic Dirge Records, 2019)
Glassing "Spotted Horse" LP (Brutal Panda Records, 2019)
Senses Fail "From The Depths Of Dreams" EP (Pure Noise Records, 2019)
From Ashes Rise "Concrete And Steel (Remaster)" LP (Southern Lord, 2019)
From Ashes Rise "Silence (Remaster)" LP (Southern Lord, 2019)
The Wraith "Gloom Ballet" LP (Southern Lord, 2019)
Daxma "Ruins Upon Ruins" LP (Blues Funeral Recordings, 2019)
Enisum "Moth's Illusion" LP (Avantgarde Music, 2019)
Habitar La Mar "Realismo Histérico" LP (Spinda Records, 2019)
High Command "Beyond The Wall Of Desolation" LP (Southern Lord, 2019)
Leather Lung "Lonesome On'ry And Evil" LP (Magnetic Eye Records, 2019)
Frecuencia De Muerte "Death Frequency" LP (Armageddon Label, 2019)
Gatecreeper "Deserted" LP (Relapse, 2019)
SeeYouSpaceCowboy "The Correlation Between Entrance And Exit Wounds" LP (Pure Noise Records, 2019)
Mass Worship "S/T" LP (Century Media, 2019)
Goldstein "The Motive Aid" LP (Self-Released, 2019)
Implore "Alienated Despair" LP (Century Media, 2019)
Dredge "Ashbreathers" LP (Well Made Music, 2019)
Cloak "The Burning Dawn" LP (Season Of Mist, 2019)
Abraded "Descendants Of The Swamp" EP (Maggot Stomp, 2019)
Sorxe "The Ark Burner" LP (Prosthetic Records, 2019)
Nightfell "A Sanity Deranged" LP (20 Buck Spin, 2019)
Hesitation Wounds "Chicanery" LP (Deathwish, Inc., 2019)
Pig Destroyer "38 Counts Of Battery" LP (Relapse, 2019)
Touché Amoré "Touché Amoré - ... To The Beat Of A Dead Horse" LP (Condolences, 2019)
Monolord "No Comfort" LP (Relapse Records, 2019)
Death Ridge Boys "(Don‘t Let Them) Divide Us" EP (Blackwater Records, 2019)
Worst Self "Everyone Is Replaceable" LP (Dropping Bombs, 2019)
Soulrot "All Hail The False Kings" EP (Veins Full Of Wrath, 2019)
Flesh Of The Stars "Mercy" LP (Self-Released, 2019)
Savage Beat/Death Ridge Boys "Split" EP (LSM Records/Longshot Music, 2019)
Rise And Fall "Alive In Sin" LP (Isolation Records, 2019)
Mundy's Bay "Control Room" EP (Pure Noise Records, 2019)
Portrayal Of Guilt "Suffering Is A Gift" EP (Closed Casket Activities, 2019)
Post/Boredom "Ritualistic Time Abuser" LP (Hex Records, 2019)
Krake "Streitkultur" LP (Sengaja Records, 2019)
Blast Shield "Wrought" LP (Earhole Missile Records, 2019)
Over "To The Teeth" LP (Accident Prone Records, 2019)
Venganza "Tu Patria" LP (Discos Enfermos, 2019)
Ruff Majik "Tårn" LP (Lay Bare Recordings, 2019)
Storm Of Sedition "Howl Of Dynamite" LP (Self-Released, 2019)
Devourment "Obscene Majesty" LP (Relapse Records, 2019)
Ian Blurton's Future Now "Signals Through The Flames" LP (Pajama Party, 2019)
Bombardement "S/T" LP (Destructure Records, 2019)
Maniac Abductor "Casualties Of Causality" LP (Inverse Records, 2019)
Ceremony "In The Spirit World Now" LP (Relapse Records, 2019)
Lurk "Electro-Shock" EP (Pure Noise Records, 2019)
Irreal "Fi Del Mon" LP (La Vida Es Un Mus, 2019)
Nukkehammer "A Distant Hissing In Your Ear" EP (Nukkehammer Records, 2019)
Bright Curse "Time Of The Healer" LP (Ripple Music, 2019)
The Eradicator "Peak Eradicator" LP (Say-10, 2019)
Hellhook "No Retreat" EP (The Coming Strife Records, 2019)
Warcollapse "Deserts Of Ash" LP (Insane Society/Phobia Records, 2019)
Jesus Chrüsler Supercar "Lucifer" LP (Dr. Music Records, 2019)
Ledge "All I Hope For" LP (Translation Loss Records, 2019)
Cable "Take The Stairs To Hell" LP (Translation Loss Records, 2019)
Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein "Stranger Things Season 3 Soundtrack" (Lakeshore Records, 2019)
Beastwars "IV" (Destroy Records, 2019)
Vials Of Wrath "Dark Winter Memories" LP (Flowing Downward, 2019)
Torche "Admission" LP (Relapse Records, 2019)
Ringworm "Death Becomes My Voice" LP (Relapse, 2019)
The Fifth Alliance "The Depths Of Darkness" LP (Burning World Records, 2019)
The Lowest "Cult" LP (Self-Released, 2019)
Throes "In The Hands Of An Angry God" LP (Holy Roar Records, 2019)
Lightning Born "S/T" LP (Ripple Music, 2019)
Thorr's Hammer "Live by Command of Tom G. Warrior" LP (Southern Lord, 2019)
Drei Affen "Seguimos Ciegxs" LP (Pifia Records, 2019)
Magick Gardens "S/T" LP (Self-Released, 2019)
Die Choking "IV" LP (Self-Released, 2019)
Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein "Butterfly (Original Series Soundtrack)" (Lakeshore Records, 2019)
Agnosy "When Daylight Reveals The Torture" LP (Scream Records/Profane Existence, 2019)
Detönatör "Volume One" LP (Self-Released, 2019)
Jenny Don't And The Spurs "Paso Del Norte / Honky Tonk Fool" 7" (Rockstar Records, 2019)
Muscle Beach "Charms" LP (Sailor Records, 2019)
Snake Tongue "No Escape - No Excuse" EP (The Sign Records, 2019)
Badger "Saves Rock 'n' Roll" EP (Lost Youth Records, 2019)
Cruelty "In The Grasp Of The Machines" EP (The Coming Strife Records, 2019)
War Bison "Acre" LP (War Business Records, 2019)
Crowhurst "III" (Prophecy Productions, 2019)
Take Weight "Reaper Madness" LP (Little Elephant, 2019)
Wish Upon A Star "This Is War" LP The Lab Records, 2019)
Cervine "Cervine" LP (Self-Released, 2019)
Earth Tongue "Floating Being" LP (Stolen Body Records, 2019)
Vonnis "Bikini Season" LP (Hypertension Records, 2019)
Nibiru "Salbrox" LP (Ritual Productions, 2019)
Full of Hell "Weeping Choir" LP (Relapse, 2019)
Ether Coven "There Is Nothing Left For Me Here" LP (The Century Family Inc., 2019)
Gatecreeper "Social Decay" Flexi (Decibel Flexi Series, 2019)
Sacred Monster "Worship The Weird" LP (Ordo MCM, 2019)
El Drugstore "The Golden Age Of Bad Ideas" LP (Nefarious Industries, 2019)
Senza "Even A Worm Will Turn" LP (Middle-Man Records, 2019)
Malevich "Our Hollow" LP (Middle-Man Records, 2019)
Peasant "Unrest Eternal" LP (Roastin' Records, 2019)
Kung Fu "Ghost Police" LP (Self-Released, 2019)
Run Squirrel "Something More Forever" LP (Self-Released, 2019)
Raw Hex "Always High, Always Low" LP (Closed Casket Activities, 2019)
Deiphago "I, The Devil" LP (Hells Headbangers, 2019)
Night Letters "Witness To The Love" LP (Venn Records, 2019)
Jaime Viejo "Liberación II" LP (Self-Released, 2019)
Restless Spirit "Lord Of The New Depression" LP (Lifesblood Records, 2019)
Flangipanis "Community Backwash" EP (Self-Released, 2019)
Fire Valley Fire "II" LP (Self-Released, 2019)
East Of The Wall "NP-Complete" LP (Translation Loss Records, 2019)
Unto Others "Mana" LP (Eisenwald Tonschmiede, 2019)
The Dry Mouths "Lo-Fi Sounds For Hi-Fi People" (Violence In The Veins, 2019)
Nyt Liv "Ensomhedens Kolde Kald" LP (Indisciplinarian, 2019)
Tryer "Ei Kuole Koskaan" LP (Suicide Records, 2019)
Forest Of Tygers "I Will Die Of Violence" LP (Acteon Records, 2019)
Latitudes "Part Island" LP (Debemur Morti Productions, 2019)
Spell Runner "Always on the Cool" LP (Fuzz Records, 2019)
Green Lung "Woodland Rites" LP (Kozmik Artifactz, 2019)
Makkmat "Beina Brenner" (EveryDayHate, 2019)
No Haven "Deep Ends of Shallow Lives" LP (Self-Released, 2019)
Zerbirst "Eternal Ruin" LP (Self-Released, 2019)
Mock The Mankind "Sorge" LP (Self-Released, 2019)
Blame God "Power & Control" EP (Syrup Head Recordings, 2019)
Skullsmasher "Rocket Hammer Brain Surgery" LP (Selfmadegod Records, 2019)
Die My Demon "Fear The One... That Kills The Soul" LP (Demons Run Amok Entertainment, 2019)
Queen Of Hell "Queen of Hell II" LP (Phoenician Microsystems Records, 2019)
Blush "Wanderlust" LP (Self-Released, 2019)
Thin "Respite/Apology" EP (Self-Released, 2019)
Ithaca "The Language Of Injury" LP (Holy Roar Records, 2019)
Noisem "Cease To Exist" LP (20 Buck Spin, 2019)
Blackhelm "Dark Clouds Of The Inferno" LP (Self-Released, 2019)
Morne "Rust" LP (Alerta Antifascista, 2019)
Gazm "Heavy Vibe Music" LP (11 PM Records, 2019)
Body Void "You Will Know The Fear You Forced Upon Us" LP (Dry Cough Records/Crown and Throne Ltd., 2019)
Ian Blurton "Space Is Forever" 7" (Yeah Right!, 2019)
Parlor "Softly" LP (Vicious Records, 2019)
Fauns "Augury" EP (Self-Released, 2019)
Deletär "Deletär" LP (Kick Rock, 2019)
Jon Camp "Headwinds & Tailwinds" LP (Self-Released, 2019)
SeeYouSpaceCowboy "Songs For The Firing Squad" LP (Pure Noise Records, 2019)
Sanhedrin "The Poisoner" LP (Cruz Del Sur Music, 2019)
Kalpa "A Grand Misconception" LP ((Self-Released, 2019)
Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein "Valley Of The Boom - National Geographic Original Series Soundtrack" (Sony, 2019)
Livid "Life is Pain Life is Shit" LP (No Time Records, 2019)
Her Fault "S.Y.T." LP (Self-Released, 2019)
Integrity/Psywarfare "Split" LP (Self-Released, 2019)
Jucifer "Futility" EP (Nomadic Fortress, 2019)
Godsleep "Coming Of Age" LP (The Lab Records, 2019)
Dangerface "Get Loud!" LP (Big Day Records, 2019)
Staining The Twilight Black "Transforming The Myth" LP (Salsa Verde Fanzine, 2019)
Pleiades "All At Your Mercy" EP (Self-Released, 2019)
Barbarian "To No God Shall I Kneel" LP (Hells Headbangers, 2019)
Wristmeetrazor "Misery Never Forgets" LP (Prosthetic Records, 2019)
Endless Floods "Circle The Gold" LP (Bigout Records/Fvtvrecordings, 2019)
The Hague/Beach Party Split 7" (Self-Released, 2019)
Chinese Burns Unit "Cash In The Dull Days" LP (Bluish Greenish Records, 2019)


Spine "Faith" LP (Bridge Nine Records, 2018)
Back From The Grave "Storm" EP (Duff Records, 2018)
Cult Leader "A Patient Man" LP (Deathwish, Inc. 2018)
Devil Master "Manifestations" LP (Relapse, 2018)
Le Temps Du Loup "Cardinal" LP (Dunk! Records/Aloud Music/Pundonor/The Braves Records, 2018)
War Of Destruction "Angst" LP (Mastermind Records, 2018)
Iron Reagan "Dark Days Ahead" EP (Pop Wig Records, 2018)
Dwarves/Not A Part Of It/D.O.A./Potbelly "Splitwad" 7" (Act Out! Records, 2018)
The Occult "Necropolis" LP (Self-Released, 2018)
The Eradicator "The Court's Closed on Christmas" EP (Stonewalled Records, 2018)
Unto Others"Don't Waste Your Time" EP (Lone Fir Records, 2018)
Bon Braguer "Tant De Bo No Us Agradi" LP (Self-Released, 2018)
Bone Sickness "Theater Of Morbidity" LP (Hell Massacre Records, 2018)
Churchburn "None Shall Live... The Hymns Of Misery" LP (Armageddon Label, 2018)
Grandpa Jack "Grandpa Jack" LP (Self-Released, 2018)
Dirge "Ah Puch" LP (Self-Released, 2018)
Atrament "Scum Sect" LP (Sentient Ruin Laboratories, 2018)
This Patch Of Sky "S/T" LP (Translation Loss Records, 2018)
Brainoil "Singularity To Extinction" LP (Tank Crimes, 2018)
Deadbird "III: The Forest Within The Tree" LP (20 Buck Spin, 2018)
Wren "Thrall" EP (Holy Roar Records, 2018)
Absolve "Victim Of Life" EP (Ratel Records, 2018)
True Love "The Pact" LP (Triple-B Records, 2018)
Test/Chepang "Split" EP (Cricket Cemetary, 2018)
Portrayal Of Guilt "Let Pain Be Your Guide" LP (Gilead Media/Holy Roar Records, 2018)
Kytowrath "War Dominion" EP (Self-Released, 2018)
Dekonstrukt "Dekonstrukt" EP (Subzine Records, 2018)
Maniac "War & Insanity" LP (Rat Trax, 2018)
Languish "Unworthy" LP (Prosthetic Records, 2018)
Alms "Act One" LP (Shadow Kingdom Records, 2018)
Fredag Den 13:e "Dystopisk Utsikt" LP (Halvfabrikat Records, 2018)
Opprobrium "Supernatural Death" (Brutal Records, 2018)
Down Goes Goodman "Prestissimo" LP (Oxford Records, 2018)
Goner "S/T" EP (Self-Released, 2018)
Disparity Gospel "Antechamber Of Abundant Emptiness" LP (Plum-E Records, 2018)
Ydinperhe "Älä Tee Mitä Pitää" LP (Hakaniemi Hardcore, 2018)
Author & Punisher "Beastland" LP (Relapse, 2018)
Drip-Fed "S/T" EP (Self-Released, 2018)
Tragedy "Fury" 12" (Self-Released, 2018)
Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein "Stranger Things: Halloween Sounds From The Upside Down" LP (Lakeshore Records, 2018)
Toadliquor "Cease & Decease" LP (Southern Lord, 2018)
Poison Idea "Feel The Darkness" (American Leather/TKO Records, 2018)
Trappist "Ancient Brewing Tactics" LP (Relapse, 2018)
Nag "Nagged To Death" LP (Fysisk Format, 2018)
Jesus Piece "Only Self" LP (Southern Lord, 2018)
Black Tusk "TCBT" LP (Season Of Mist, 2018)
Purgatory "Cold Side Of Reality" LP (Unbeaten Records, 2018)
Outright "Holler" EP (Reason And Rage Records, 2018)
Morne "To The Night Unknown" LP (Armageddon Label, 2018)
Judas Wolf "Snow Turns Red" EP (Reason And Rage Records, 2018)
Mantar "The Modern Art Of Setting Ablaze" LP (Nuclear Blast, 2018)
Crimson Throne "Of Void And Solitude" LP (Apocalyptic Witchcraft, 2018)
Leeched "You Took The Sun When You Left" (Prosthetic Records, 2018)
Skeletonwitch "Devouring Radiant Light" (Prosthetic Records, 2018)
The Secret "Lux Tenebris" EP (Southern Lord, 2018)
Dead Hunt "S/T" LP (Blackwater Records, 2018)
The Armed "Only Love" LP (No Rest Until Ruin, 2018)
Sectioned "Annihilated" LP (Self-Released, 2018)
Baptists "Beacon Of Faith" LP (Southern Lord, 2018)
Shallow Grave "Threshold Between Worlds" LP (Cursed Monk Records, 2018)
Los Bungalitos "Nueva Inglaterra" LP (Constant Disappointment Records, 2018)
Slapshot "Make America Hate Again" LP (Bridge Nine Records, 2018)
Nueva Fuerza "Hitos Y Derrotas" EP (La Vida Es Un Mus, 2018)
Grusom "S/T" LP (Artifact 19, 2018)
High Command "The Primordial Void" EP (Haftvad Records, 2018)
Modern Life Is War "Tribulation Worksongs Volume One" EP (Deathwish Inc., 2018)
Modern Life Is War "Tribulation Worksongs Volume Two" EP (Deathwish Inc., 2018)
Rhyece O'Neill & The Narodniks "Death Of A Gringo" LP (Beast Records, 2018)
Integrity/Krieg "Split" LP (Relapse, 2018)
Tempest "Tempest" EP (Resist Records, 2018)
Dead Sleep "In The Belly Of The Beast" LP (Denomination Records, 2018)
High Tension "Purge" LP (Cooking Vinyl, 2018)
The Red Coil "Himalayan Demons" LP (Argonauta Records, 2018)
Great Reversals "Stalactite” LP (Dropping Bombs, 2018)
Nekrokraft "Servants" LP (The Sign Records, 2018)
Wrong "Feel Great" LP (Relapse, 2018)
Soul Dissolution "Stardust" LP (Black Lion Records, 2018)
Lifesick “Swept In Black” LP (Isolation Records, 2018)
Coldbones "Where It All Began" LP (Crooked Noise Records, 2018)
Cable "Never Trust A Gemini" LP (Translation Loss Records, 2018)
Maailmanloppu "Tuhon Koodi" LP (Svart Records, 2018)
Lost Boys "Fun" LP (I.corrupt Records, 2018)
Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein "Spheres" LP (Lakeshore Records, 2018)
Bleeth "Geomancer" LP (Self-Released, 2018)
Goblinsmoker "Toad King" EP (Sludglord Records, 2018)
Post/Boredom "Shaking Hands With Clients" EP (Self-Released, 2018)
Mouthbreather "Dollmeat" EP (Self-Released, 2018)
Sociasylum "Crossroads" LP (Self-Released, 2018)
Skinflint "Skinflint" LP (Into Records, 2018)
Dödsvarg "Stilla Natt" LP (Håglöshet Records, 2018)
Niboowin "Breathing" LP (IFB Records, 2018)
Morus "Ciało Obce" LP (Unrest Records/Ruin Nation Records, 2018)
Nequient "Wolves At The Door" LP (Nefarious Industries, 2018)
Wode "Servants of the Countercosmos" LP (Total Summoning, 2018)
Backslider "Death Residue" EP (Nerve Altar, 2018)
Weathered Statues "Borderlands" LP (Svart Records, 2018)
Frontierer "Unloved" LP (Self-Released, 2018)
Shyy "Shyy" LP (Pest Productions, 2018)
Suffer On Acid "Spiral Of Silence" LP (Self-Released, 2018)
Drain "Promo 2018/Time Enough At Last" EP (Self-Released, 2018)
Bokassa "Only Gob Can Judge Me" 7" (Loyal Blood Records, 2018)
Superdeaf "Superdeaf" EP (Maximum Collabo, 2018)
The A-Team "Aging Disgracefully" EP (Take 'Em All Records, 2018)
Lowest Creature "Misery Unfolds" EP (Isolation Records, 2018)
Tons "Filthy Flowers Of Doom" LP (Heavy Psych Sounds, 2018)
Nightseeker "3069: A Space-Rock Sex Odyssey" LP (Royal Mountain Records, 2018)
Unravel "Eras Of Forfeit" LP (Life.Lair.Regret, 2018)
Poison Idea "Legacy of Dysfunction" LP (American Leather Records, 2018)
Discard "Four Minutes Past Midnight" LP (Unrest Records, 2018)
Secret Cutter "Quantum Eraser" LP (Holy Roar Records/Deathwish Inc. 2018)
Abstracter "Cinereous Incarnate" LP (Vendetta Records, 2018)
Pagan "Black Wash" LP (EVP Recordings, 2018)
Sheenjek "Back In The Tube / Die Hards" 7" (Seventh Rule Recordings, 2018)
Bismarck "Urkraft" LP (Apollon Records, 2018)
Clayface "8-Song EP" EP (Golem, 2018)
Minaret "XX" LP (Kosovo Pole, 2018)
Mantar "Conquest Of Rats" Flexi (Decibel Flexi Series, 2018)
Frecuencia De Muerte "Frecuencia De Muerte" EP (Odios Los Discos, 2018)
Tripping The Mechanism "To The Moth, I Am The Sun" EP (Self-Released, 2018)
Terminus "Fortune Looming" LP (Tape Dad, 2018)
Exterior Planet "Dorsia" LP (Narcoleptica Prod, 2018)
Varvara "Go" LP (Haminian Sounds, 2018)
Sumo "ONE" LP (Rikishi Records, 2019)
Heron "A Low Winter's Sun" LP (Sludglord Records, 2018)
Wake Of Humanity "At Capacity" EP (Ugly And Proud Records, 2018)
Flood Peak "Plagued By Sufferers" EP (Self-Released, 2018)
Gulch "Burning Desire To Draw Last Breath" EP (Creator-Destructor Records, 2018)
Gatecreeper "Sweltering Madness" EP (Closed Casket Activities, 2018)
Harley Flanagan "Hard-Core (Dr. Know EP)" (MVD Audio, 2018)
Scathed "Already Dead" LP (Self-Released, 2018)
Invoke "No Law Beyond" LP (Self-Released, 2018)
Livløs "Into Beyond" LP (Self-Released, 2018)
Haunted "Dayburner" LP (Twin Earth Records, 2018)
Solleme "This Infinite Violence" LP (Self-Released, 2018)
The Arson Project "Disgust" LP (Power It Up, 2018)
Fire Down Below "Hymn Of The Cosmic Man" LP (Ripple Music, 2018)
Øjne "Prima Che Tutto Bruci" LP (Adorno Records, 2018)
The Ransom and Jerry A. "Dead Moon Rise" 7" (American Leather Records, 2018)
SUNN O))) "Downtown LA Rehearsal/Rifftape March 1998" LP (Southern Lord/Ideologic Organ, 2018)
Svalbard "It's Hard to Have Hope" LP (Holy Roar Records, 2018)
Arakk "Under Søvnen" LP (Wolves And Vibrancy Records, 2018)
Baring Teeth "Transitive Savagery" LP (Translation Loss, 2018)
Conjurer "Mire" LP (Holy Roar Records, 2018)
Palm "To Live Is To Die, To Die Is To Live" LP (EVP Recordings, 2018)
Cassus "Separation Anxiety" EP (Dogs Knights Productions, 2018)
The Golden Grass "Absolutely" LP (Listenable Records, 2018)
Archelon "Tribe Of Suns" LP (Self-Released, 2018)
ΜΕΝΟΣ "ΑΝΑΜΕΣΑ" EP (Self-Released, 2018)
Godcollider "Godcollider" LP (Indecision Records, 2018)
Vanishing Kids "Heavy Dreamer" LP (Svart Records, 2018)
Inoculated Life "Exist To Decay" LP (Redefining Darkness, 2018)
Grin And Bear It "The Fast Will Prevail" LP (Aggressively Uninterested, 2018)
Greber "Cemetery Preston" LP (Pink Lemonade Records, 2018)
Woundvac "Terrorizing The Swarm" LP (Self-Released, 2018)
DCA "Forge" LP (Beatdown Hardwear Records, 2018)
Πέμπτη Κάστα "From Streets With Hate" LP (Self-Released, 2018)
Ponor "Prah I Pepeo" LP (PDV, Dhpak47, My Favourite Records, 2018)
Hashteroid S/T LP (Cursed Tongue Records, 2018)
Angerot "The Splendid Iniquity" LP (Black Market Metal Label, 2018)
Bailer "PTSD" EP (Self-Released, 2018)
Echtra "Bardo" LP (Temple Of Torturous, 2018)
Rusty "Dogs Of Canada" LP (Self-Released, 2018)
Teething "That Night We Regret" LP (Dead Heroes Records, 2018)
Tor "Too Happy" LP (Truthseeker Music, 2018)
Rastilho "O Prego E O Caixão" LP (Matéria Negra Discos, 2018)
Caustic Wound "Grinding Terror" EP (Headsplit Records, 2018)
Akula "S/T" LP (Hellmistress Records, 2018)
Birnam Wood "Wicked Worlds" LP (Kozmik Artifactz, 2018)
Barren Altar "Entrenched In The Faults Of The Earth" LP (Transylvanian Tapes, 2018)
Formalist "No One Will Shine Anymore" LP (Third-I-Rex, WOOAAARGH, Toten Schwan, 2018)
Marriage + Cancer "Marriage + Cancer" LP (Self Sabotage Records, 2018)
Bloodmoon "Supervoid Trinity" LP (Self-Released, 2018)
Twitching Tongues “Gaining Purpose Through Passionate Hatred” LP (Metal Blade, 2018)
Iron Reagan/Gatecreeper “Split” LP (Relapse, 2018)
Howling Sycamore “S/T” LP (Prosthetic Records, 2018)
Extinction A.D. "Decimation Treaty" (Good Fight Music, 2018)
Vamachara “Despondent” LP (Self-Released, 2018)
Centuries "The Lights Of This Earth Are Blinding" LP (Southern Lord, 2018)
Mournful Congregation "The Incubus Of Karma" LP (20 Buck Spin/Osmose Productions, 2018)
Ultra "Alta Montaña" LP (La Vida Es Un Mus, 2018)
Wake Of Humanity "Fight / Resist" LP (Bitter Melody Records, 2018)
Infera Bruo "Cerement" LP (Prosthetic Records, 2018)
Sumokem "The Guardian Of Yosemite" LP (Cursed Tongue Records, 2018)
Wode "Servants Of The Countercosmos" LP (Total Summoning, 2018)
Ilsa “Corpse Fortress” LP (Relapse Records, 2018)
Windhand/Satan's Satyrs “Split” LP (Relapse Records, 2018)
Jenny Don't And The Spurs "What Can I Do b/w Still As The Night" 7" (Resurrection Records, 2018)
Burn "Mountain" 7" (The Essence, 2018)
Bulletbelt "Nine Centuries" LP (Headless Horseman, 2018)
Sixes "Methistopheles" LP (Black Bow Records, 2018)
Graveir "Cenotaph" LP (Impure Sounds, 2018)
The Barber "Black Friday" LP (Zero Hero Recording, 2018)
Øjne "Prima Che Tutto Bruci" LP (Adorno Records, 2018)
Voltaje Cadaver "Todo Los Colores De La Oscuridad" LP (Odio Sonoro, 2018)
At The Heart Of The World "Rotting Forms" LP (Glory Kid Records, 2018)
Genocide Pact “Order Of Torment” LP (Relapse Records, 2018)
Landskap "III" LP (Self-Released, 2018)
Necrodancer "Void" LP (Throatruiner Records/Lost Pilgrim, 2018)
Night Prowler "Crucible Of Power" LP (Kram Records, 2018)
Easy Prey "Teeth" LP (Self-released, 2018)
Ground Score "Old Theories On Society" LP (Snatchee Records, 2018)
Gold "Faces I Don't Recall - The Optimist Remixes" 7" (Oaken Palace Records, 2018)
Main Line 10 "The Fox" LP (Punkaway, 2018)
Thuum "Through Smoke, Comes Fire" EP (Self-Releaswed, 2018)
Golgothan Remains "Perverse Offerings To The Void" LP (Impure Sounds, 2018)
Rolo Tomassi “Time Will Die And Love Will Bury It” LP (Holy Roar Records, 2018)
Giver “Where The Cycle Breaks” LP (Holy Roar Records, 2018)


Axis “Shift” LP (Good Fight Music, 2017)
Pulling Teeth "Martyr Immortal" LP (A389 Recordings, 2017)
Wormwood "Mooncurse" LP (Translation Loss Records, 2017)
Vitriol "Pain Will Define Their Death" EP (Self-Released, 2017)
Disrotted/Ledge "Split" LP (Deep Six Records, 2017)
Trap Them "Crown Feral" LP (Prosthetic Records, 2017)
Myteri "Ruiner" LP (Phobia Records, 2017)
Atriarch "Dead As Truth" LP (Relapse Records, 2017)
Forced Order "One Last Prayer" LP (Triple B Records, 2017)
Foreseen "Grave Danger" LP (Start Records/20 Buck Spin, 2017)
Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein "Stranger Things Season 2 Soundtrack" (Lakeshore Records, 2017)
Warwound “Burning The Blindfolds Of Bigots” LP (Unrest Records, 2017)
The Blacktones “The Day We Shut Down The Sun” LP (Sliptrick Records, 2017)
Tired Minds "Loom" LP (Art As Catharsis Records, 2017)
iEatHeartAttacks "Please Just Dance Death" LP (Fysisk Format, 2017)
The Obsessed “S/T Reissue” LP (Relapse Records, 2017)
Magma “Retrospctiv” LP (Southern Lord, 2017)
Spotlights "Seismic" LP (Ipecac, 2017)
S U R V I V E “RR7387” LP (Relapse Records, 2017)
Deflect "Downward Spiral" EP (Eighty-Sixed Records, 2017)
Low Orbit "Spacecake" LP (Pink Tank Records, 2017)
Adrestia "The Art Of Modern Warfare" LP (Phobia Records, 2017)
Nate Hall "The Center Of The Earth" LP (Hypershape Records, 2017)
Wake Of Humanity "Grotesque Lie" 7" (Catalyst Records, 2017)
Viscera/// "3 | Release Yourself Through Desperate Rituals" LP (WOOAAARGH, 2017)
All Pigs Must Die “Hostage Animal” LP (Southern Lord, 2017)
Jabba "Vice" LP (Loyal Blood Records, 2017)
HIRAM-MAXIM "Ghosts" LP (Aqualamb, 2017)
Nihility "Imprisoned Eternal" LP (Rage Records, 2017)
Flesh Of The Stars "Anhilla" LP (Self-Released, 2017)
Bad Mechanics “Precious Moments In The USA” LP (Stonewalled Records, 2017)
Cascades "Cascades" ‎LP (Art As Catharsis Records, 2017)
Seeress "Great Void" EP (Self-Released, 2017)
Watchtower "Radiant Moon" EP (Magnetic Eye Records, 2017)
MNHM "Of Empires Past" LP (Consouling Sounds, 2017)
Chinese Burns Unit "Joanie Hates Chachi" EP (Bluish Greenish Records, 2017)
The Dark Red Seed “Stands With Death” LP (Prophecy Productions, 2017)
Leeched "Nothing Will Grow From The Rotten Ground" EP (Self-Released, 2017)
Leather Lung “Lost In Temptation” LP (Poisoned Mind Records, 2017)
Loincloth “Psalm Of The Morbid Whore” LP (Southern Lord, 2017)
Noothgrush/Corrupted “Split” LP (20 Buck Spin, 2017)
Eye Of Nix "Black Somnia" LP (Scry Recordings, 2017)
Main Line 10 "Sharks" LP (Punkaway, 2017)
King Of Clubz "Vile Times" LP (Knives Out Records, 2017)
Advent "Pain & Suffering" EP (Bridge Nine Records, 2017)
Morast "Ancestral Void" LP (Totenmusik, 2017)
Atomçk "Every Room In Britain" LP (SuperFi Records, 2017)
Bug "Calamitas" LP (Interstellar Records, 2017)
Wren "Auburn Rule" LP (Holy Roar Records, 2017)
P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S. “Doomtown Shakes” LP (Doomtown Sounds, 2017)
The Eradicator “S/T” LP (Stonewalled Records, 2017)
Acephalix “Decreation” LP (20 Buck Spin, 2017)
Laser Flames On The Great Big News "S/T' LP (Wood And Stone, 2017)
Eyes Of The Lord “Call It War” LP (Closed Casket Activities, 2017)
Iron Monkey “9-13” LP (Relapse Records, 2017)
Discreation "End Of Days" LP (FDA Records, 2017)
Lapsaria "Throe" 7" (Self-Released, 2017)
Author & Punisher “Pressure Mine” EP (Self-Released, 2017)
Less Art “Strangled Light” LP (Gilead Media, 2017)
To Forget "To Forget" EP (Self-Released, 2017)
Darko "Bonsai Mammoth" LP (Lockjaw Records, 2017)
Kosovo "M.A.N.I.M.A.L." LP (Self-Released, 2017)
Embraced "An Orchestrated Failure" LP (Theory 8 Records, 2017)
Easy Money “Midas Touch” EP (Rats Among Us Records, 2017)
Hexis "XII" EP (Truthseeker Music, 2017)
Moral Void "Deprive" LP (Translation Loss, 2017)
Drude "Drude" LP (Self-Released, 2017)
The Angelus “There Will Be No Peace” LP (Tofu Carnage, 2017)
Ósserp "Al Meu Pas S'Alça La Mort" LP (Kremón Records, 2017)
Tyrannosorceress “Shattering Light’s Creation” LP (Tofu Carnage, 2017)
Hummune “Live The Fall” EP (Wlcm To Earth, 2017)
Death Toll 80K "Step Down" LP (Svart Records, 2017)
Soulground "Life Ends" LP (Farewell Records, 2017)
DUST "My World" LP (Self-Released, 2017)
Zex "Uphill Battle" LP (Plastic Bomb Records, 2017)
Hawkmoth "Godless Summit Audio Recording Part 1" LP (Self-Released, 2017)
Inhuman Nature "Other Realms" EP (Self-Released, 2017)
Burning Sons "The Laughing Death..." EP (Self-Released, 2017)
Hummune "Live The Fall" EP (Wlcm To Earth Records, 2017)
Worws "Truth To Power" LP (Self-Released, 2017)
Scalphunter "Lies" LP (Arrest Recordds Australia, 2017)
Resirkulert "Du Snakke For Dæ Sjøl" LP‎ (Bukta Records, 2017)
Husbandry "Bad Weeds Never Die" EP (Aqualamb, 2017)
Uncle Buck "Death With Dignity" EP (Khayee Records, 2017)
Hello Black Hole "In No Good Hand"‎ LP (Svart Records, 2017)
Kasu Weri "From Soil To Ashes" EP (Self-Released, 2017)
Occvlt Hand "Not Everyone Deserves A Happy Ending" LP (Possessed Records, 2017)
Destriers "Cynosure" EP (Distro-Y Records, 2017)
Last Rizla "KLS9532" EP (FuzzInk. Records, 2017)
Witchstone "Mortal Fear Of Infinity" LP (Self-Released, 2017)
Groke's Clan "Vicious Circles" LP (Self-Released, 2017)
Daxma "The Head Which Becomes The Skull" LP (Magnetic Eye Records, 2017)
Slowjoint "Hashed Potato" 7" (Weed Wrestling Records, 2017)
The Hague "The Hague" 7" (Self-Released, 2017)
Death's Eminence "The Execution Mandate" LP (Death's Eminence, 2017)
Sunlight's Bane "The Blackest Volume: Like All The Earth Was Buried" LP (Innerstrength Records, 2017)
Trono de Sangre "El Perro Bajo La Piel" EP (Lar Gravacións, 2017)
Encyrcle "Burning Child" EP (Unspeakable Axe Records, 2017)
Racetraitor "Burn The Idol Of The White Messiah" LP (Carry The Weight records, 2017)
Sarin "Darker Lakes" LP ( Zegema Beach Records, 2017)
Exhaustion "Surrounded By The Depths" LP (Destructure Records, 2017)
Tsygun "Тлен" LP (Self-released, 2017)
Lapin Helvetti "Lapin Helvetti" LP (Svart Records, 2017)
Future Faces “Revolt” EP (Throatruiner Records, 2017)
Skinflint "Chief Of The Ghosts" LP (Pure Steel Records, 2017)
Crowning "Funeral Designs" (Self-Released, 2017)
Carcosa "Carcosa" EP (State Of Mind Recordings, 2017)
Mental Cavity "Mental Cavity" EP (Self-Released, 2017)
Siberian “Through Ages Of Sleep” LP (The Sign Records, 2017)
Jagged Vision “Death Is This World” LP (Fysisk Format, 2017)
Xibalba “Diablo, Con Amor… Adios” EP (Closed Casket Activities, 2017)
Integrity “Howling, For The Nightmare Shall Consume” LP (Relapse Records, 2017)
Cormorant "Diaspora" LP (Self-Released, 2017)
Invoker "Four Wall Nightmare" LP (Self-Released, 2017)
Sorxe "Matter & Void" LP (Self-Released, 2017)
Kids Insane "Cluster" LP (Redfield Records, 2017)
Fire Down Below "Viper Vixen Goddess Saint" LP (Ripple Music, 2017)
Space Cadaver "Space Cadaver" LP (C Rage Records, 2017)
The Obsessed "Concrete Cancer" 12" (Relapse, 2017)
Corpses "Corpses" LP (Scarecrow Records, 2017)
210 "Пыль В Глаза" LP (Insurgence Records, 2017)
Woodhawk "Beyond The Sun" LP (Self-Released, 2017)
Cosmic Reef Temple "Age Of The Spaceborn" LP (Transylvanian Tapes, 2017)
Nyt Liv "Livet Brænder" LP (Nyt Liv, 2017)
IAmFire "From Ashes" LP (Self-Released, 2017)
Inmates "Inmates" EP (Self-Released, 2017)
45Rats "Gazer" LP (FuzzInk. Records, 2017)
Jenny Don't And The Spurs "A Western Holiday" 7" (Doomtown Sounds, 2017)
Bat Signal "Straight Out Of Midnight" LP (Keep It A Secret Records, 2017)
King Parrot "Ugly Produce" LP (Housecore Records, 2017)
Underdark "Mourning Cloak" LP (Sell Your Soul ‎Records, 2017)
Torve "From The Land Of The Barbarians" LP (Self-Released, 2017)
Zakk Sabbath “Live In Detroit” LP (Southern Lord, 2017)
Walk The Plank “Cemetery Vacation” (Say-10 Records/30 Kilo Fieber Records, 2017)
Nomadic Rituals "Marking The Day" LP (Self-Released, 2017)
The Riven "Blackbird" EP (Self-Released, 2017)
Crypt Rot “Embryonic Devils” (Southern Lord, 2017)
Vallenfyre “Fear Those Who Fear Him” LP (Century Media, 2017)
David Crosby & The Lighthouse Band “10th Anniversary” 12” (Record Store Day, 2017)
Mutoid Man “War Moans” LP (Sargent House, 2017)
Wormwitch “Strike Mortal Soil” LP (Prosthetic Records, 2017)
Necrot “Blood Offerings” LP (Tankcrimes, 2017)
Obituary "S/T" LP (Relapse Records, 2017)
Employed To Serve “The Warmth Of A Dying sun” LP (Holy Roar Records, 2017)
Lapsaria "Nothing To Atone" EP (Self-released, 2017)
Converge “Jane Live” LP (Self-Released, 2017)
OHHMS “The Fool” LP (Holy Roar Records, 2017)
Brutality Will Prevail “In Dark Places” LP (Holy Roar Records, 2017)
Pijn “Floodlit” LP (Holy Roar Records, 2017)
Chain Reaction "Hangman" EP (Control Records, 2017)
Wolfbrigade “Run With The Hunted” LP (Southern Lord, 2017)
Ecstatic Vision “Raw Rock Fury” LP (Relapse Records, 2017)
Hexis “Tando Ashanti” LP (Halo Of Flies, 2017)
Ginzu And The Steak Knives "Final Form" EP (Self-Released, 2017)
Loss “Horizonless” LP (Profound Lore, 2017)
Bloodclot “Up In Arms” LP (Metal Blade, 2017)
Low Estate "Covert Cult Of Death" LP (Flenser REcords, 2017)
Full Of Hell “Trumpeting Ecstasy” LP (Profound Lore, 2017)
Poison Idea “War All The Time” (TKO Records, 2017)
Wear Your Wounds “WYW” LP (Deathwish, Inc., 2017)
The Moth "Hysteria" LP (This Charming Man Records, 2017)
Iron Reagan “Crossover Ministry” LP (Relapse Records, 2017)
Not A Part Of It "The Nine Lives Of The Night Life " LP (Act Out! Records, 2017)
Old Iron "Lupus Metallorum" LP (Good To Die Records, 2017)
The Drip “The Haunting Fear Of Inevitability” LP (Relapse Records, 2017)
High Vis "I" EP (Farewell Records, 2017)
High Vis "II" EP (Farewell Records, 2017)
Oak "Your Mess As Much As Mine" LP (Truthseeker Music, 2017)
Obelyskkh "The Providence" LP (Exile On Mainstream Records, 2017)
Shadow Of Doubt "No Mercy" EP (War Records, 2017)
The Rememberables "The Rememberables" (Adagio830, 2017)
Black Tundra "Black Tundra" LP (Self-Released, 2017)
Half Gramme Of Soma "Groove is Black" LP (FuzzInk. Records, 2017)
Jenny Don't And The Spurs "Call Of The Road" LP (Doomtown Sounds/Mississippi Records, 2017)
Leucosis "Liminal" LP (Sentient Ruin Laboratories, 2017)
Deconvolution "Fool's Path" EP (Grim Reality records, 2017)
Ashenspire “Speak Not Of The Laudanum Quandary” LP (Code666, 2017)
Worm Ouroboros “What Graceless Dawn” LP (Profound Lore, 2017)
Hush “Nihil Unbound” LP (Fuzz Records/Dullest Records/Silent Pendulum, 2017)
Holy Mount “The Drought” LP (White Dwarf, 2017)
Haemorrhage "We Are The Gore" LP (Relapse, 2017)
Contrastic "S/T" LP (Horror Pain Gore Death Productions/Hibernation Releases, 2017)
Grand Collapse "Along The Dew" LP (Ruin Nation Records, 2017)
Annulment "The Nihil Of Vibrant Soul" LP (Outer Heaven Productions & Recordings, 2017)
Kollapse "Angst" (TNS Records, 2017)
Mossbreaker "Between The Noise And You" LP (Glory Kid Records, 2017)
The Holy Circle "The Holy Circle" LP (Black Horizons, 2017)
VRTRA "My Bones Hold A Stillness" LP (Sentient Ruin Laboratories, 2017)
Teething "We Will Regret This Someday" LP (Dead Heroes Records, 2017)
Knuste Ruter "Tusen Grunner" EP (Sjakk Matt Plater, 2017)
The Hallowed Catharsis "Solar Cremation" EP (Self-Released, 2017)
Slow Crush "Ease" LP (White Russian Records, 2017)
Friendship "Hatred" LP (Daymare Records, 2017)
Desecrator "To The Gallows" LP (Violent Creek Records, 2017)
Spook The Horses "People Used To Live Here" LP (Pelagic Records, 2017)
Mermaidens "Perfect Body" LP (Flying Nun Records, 2017)
Vicious Circle "Born To Destroy" LP (Not Like You Records, 2017)
Dreadnought "A Wake In Sacred Waves" LP (Sailor Records, 2017)
Sanhedrin "A Funeral For The World" LP (Self-Released, 2017)
Dealer "Billionaire Boys Club" (Wicked World Records, 2017)
One King Down "Bloodlust Revenge" LP (Equal Vision Records, 2017)
Suburban Haze "Wilt" LP (Self-Released, 2017)
Void Cruiser "Wayfarer" LP (Oak Island Records, 2017)
Underwater Chess “Seriality” LP (Amplify, 2017)
Agents of Abhorrence “Earth.Water.Sun” EP (Analog Freaks Records, 2017)
Ill Neglect/Lambs Split EP (Wooaaargh, 2017)


Joy “Of Nothing” EP (Blood & Ink Records, 2016)
Body Stuff "Body Stuff 2" EP (The Path Less Traveled Records, 2016)
Hierophant “Mass Grave” LP (Season of Mist, 2016)
Up River “If There Is A God That Is Judging Me Constantly” LP (Holy Roar Records, 2016)
Public Animal “Palace Arms” LP (Yeah Right!, 2016)
Earth Moves “The Truth In Our Bodies” LP (Truthseeker Music, 2016)
Svalbard “Discography 2012-2014” 2xLP (Holy Roar Records, 2016)
Poison Idea “Latest Will And Testament” LP (American Leather Records, 2016)
Lifesick “6.0.1.” LP (Southern Lord, 2016)
The Armed "Unanticipated" LP (No Rest Until Ruin, 2016)
Hissing "Hissing" EP (Southern Lord, 2016)
Barbarian "Cult Of The Empty Grave" LP (Hells Headbangers, 2016)
Criminal Instinct "Zone-6-Music" LP (Closed Casket Activities, 2016)
Homewrecker “Extinction By Design” EP (Good Fight Music, 2016)
Terry Robb “Cool On The Bloom” LP (NiaSounds, 2016)
Okkultokrati “Raspberry Dawn” LP (Southern Lord, 2016)
Excel “The Joke’s On You” LP (Southern Lord, 2016)
Rolo Tomassi "Boxset" LP (Holy Roar Records, 2016)
Nails/Full Of Hell Split 7” (Closed Casket Activities, 2016)
Lies “Bound Plague” LP (Southern Lord, 2016)
Sumerlands S/T LP (Relapse Records, 2016)
Andrew Durkin "Breath Of Fire" LP (PJCE Records, 2016)
Age Of Woe “An Ill Wind Blowing” LP (War Anthem Records, 2016)
Gatecreeper “Sonoran Depravation” LP (Relapse Records, 2016)
Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein "Stranger Things Vol. 2 Soundtrack" CD/LP/Digital (Lakeshore Records, 2016)
Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein "Stranger Things Vol. 1 Soundtrack" CD/LP (Lakeshore Records, 2016)
Die Young “No Illusions” LP (Good Fight Music, 2016)
Rötor “Musta Käsi” LP (Svart Records, 2016)
Rising "Oceans Into Their Graves" LP (Indisciplinarian, 2016)
Senior Fellows "The Christened Remains Of An Evolutionary Catastrophe" LP (Dead Tank Records, 2016)
Korsikov "Korsikov" EP (FuzzInk. Records, 2016)
Highlife "EP" EP (Self-Released, 2016)
Cacafogo "Four Compositions" LP (Self-Released, 2016)
Arms Of Ra "Cure" LP (Self-Released, 2016)
Deceit "Disconnected" EP (Mark My Words Records, 2016)
Hells "Paradise" EP (Seeing Red Records, 2016)
Sloppy Kisses "New Pompeii" EP (Jonny Cat Records, 2016)
Lord Sword "Tombstoned" LP (2666 Records, 2016)
Subrosa “For This We Fought the Battle Of Ages” LP (Profound Lore, 2016)
Ondt Blod "Finnmark" LP (Loyal Blood Records, 2016)
Priapus "Depressant" EP (Give Praise Records, 2016)
Καταχνιά "...Στη Σκιά Μιας Λαιμητόμου" LP (Self-Released, 2016)
Wode S/T LP (Broken Limbs Recordings, 2016)
Unravel "Final Dawn" EP (Life.Lair.Regret, 2016)
Life Fucker "S/T" 7" (Static Age, 2016)
Halshug “Sort Sind” LP (Southern Lord, 2016)
Hexgrafv "Altare" LP (Ozium Records, 2016)
Acidez "Welcome To The 3D Era" LP (Voltage Records, 2016)
Dark Circles / Abstracter Split LP (Halo Of Flies, 2016)
Blodad Tand "Control Alt Delete" EP (Suicide Records, 2016)
Appalache & the Ninou's "Tiny Love Billionaire" LP (Blèch Records, 2016)
Goya "Forever Dead, Forever Stoned" LP (Totem Cat Records, 2016)
Stockades "Open" LP (Lacklustre Records, 2016)
Weak Wrists "Weak Wrists" LP (Halo Of Flies, 2016)
Dödläge "Ritual Slaughter" LP (Profane Existence, 2016)
Chepang "Lathi Charge" EP (Nerve Alter, 2016)
Kïll Cheerleadër "All Hail" LP (Yeah Right!, 2016)
S U R V I V E “RR7349” LP (Relapse Records, 2016)
Pentagram “First Daze Here Too” Remastered LP (Relapse Records, 2016)
Pentagram “First Daze Here” Remastered LP (Relapse Records, 2016)
Electric Magma "Silverball" ‎LP (Around Ahead Music, 2016)
Exalt “The Shape You Took Before the Ache” (Good Fight Music/New Damage Records, 2016)
Integrity “Those Who Fear Tomorrow” 25th Anniversary Edition (Magic Bullet Records, 2016)
Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein "Stranger Things Title Sequence/Theme Music" (Netflix, 2016)
Disrupted “Divination” LP (Nerve Altar, 2015)
Self Defense Family “Colicky” EP (Iron Pier, 2016)
Frameworks “Smother” LP (Deathwish Inc, 2016)
Into the Storm "Where The Merfalo Roam" LP (Alive & Breathing Records, 2016)
Smertegrænsens Toldere "Smertegrænsens Toldere" EP (Mastermind Records, 2016)
Sibiir "Sibiir" LP (Fysisk Format, 2016)
Badr Vogu “Wroth” LP (Tribunal of the Axe, 2016)
Bolesno Grinje "Grd" LP (Grindpromotion Records, 2016)
Great Reversals “Mere Mortals” (State of Mind Recordings, 2016)
So Laid Back Country China “Sin Cristales” LP (Self Released, 2016)
Ringworm “Snake Church” LP (Relapse Records, 2016)
Blunt “Sugar Daddy” LP (Self-Released, 2016)
Asschapel “Total Worship” LP (Southern Lord, 2016)
Band Of Mercy “Veganocracy” LP (Dead Truth Recordings, 2016)
Steve Adamyk Band “Graceland” LP (Dirtnap Records, 2016)
Graves At Sea “The Curse That Is” LP (Relapse Records, 2016)
Cruz “Culto Abismal” LP (Selfmadegod Records, 2016)
Snake Tongue “Serpent’s Tongue” LP (The Sign Records, 2016)
Reproacher “Nature’s Bastard” LP (Crown & Throne Ltd, 2016)
SUNN O))) “Live in Russia” 3xLP (Southern Lord, 2016)
Poison Idea “Calling All Ghosts” EP (American Leather, 2016)
Liquid Graveyard “By Nature So Perverse” LP (Sleaszy Rider Records, 2016)
Foot "S/T" LP (Copper Feast Records, 2016)
Hemelbestormer "Aether" LP (Debemur Morti Productions, 2016)
Ab●est "Last" EP (This Charming Man Records, 2016)
Lose Lose "Kill Or Be Killed" EP (Self-Released, 2016)
Disrupt “Discography” LP (Unrest Records, 2016)
Wren “Host” LP (Holy Roar Records, 2016)
Solids "Else" EP (Dine Alone Records, 2016)
Bæst "Marie Magdalene" LP (Self-Released, 2016)
Terrible Love "Change Nothing" EP (Big Scary Monsters, 2016)
Skeletonwitch “The Apothic Gloom” EP (Prosthetic Records, 2016)
16 “Lifespan of a Moth” LP (Relapse Records, 2016)
Nails “You Will Never Be One Of Us” LP (Nuclear Blast, 2016)
Weekend Nachos “Apology” LP (Relapse/Deep Six, 2016)
Poison Headache S/T LP (Metal Blade, 2016)
Sarabante “Poisonous Legacy” LP (Southern Lord, 2016)
Alaric “End of Mirrors” LP (Neurot, 2016)
Atlas "Blush" LP (Black Basset Records, 2016)
Skeletonwitch “Well of Despair” 7” (Prosthetic Records, 2016)
Victims “Sirens” LP (Tank Crimes, 2016)
Don’t “Fever Dreams” LP (Doomtown Sounds, 2016)
Dogs Eyes “Measure the Earth” LP (Headfirst! Records, 2016)
Allfather “Bless the Earth with Fire” LP (Static Tension Recordings, 2016)
Pears “Green Star” LP (Fat Wreck Chords, 2016)
Harley Flanagan “Cro-Mags” LP (MVD Audio, 2016)
Atrament “Eternal Downfall” LP (Argento Records/Broken Limbs Records, 2016)
Bad Mechanics "Must Be A Suburb" 7" (Stonewalled Records, 2016)
Lockstitch "Powerize" EP (Eyeless Records, 2016)
ENZE "Us Estimo Rebels, Lliures I Salvatges" LP (Purga Records, 2016)
Dawn Patrol "Democracy Delivered" LP (Iron River Records, 2016)
Dead Quiet "Dead Quiet" LP (Harsh Crust Industries, 2016)
Left Behind “Seeing Hell” LP (Unbeaten records, 2016)
Spotlights “Tidals” LP (Crowquill Records, 2016)
Young Hunter "Young Hunter" LP (Self-Released, 2016)
Varvara "Death Defying Tricks" LP (Haminian Sounds, 2016)
Low Flying Hawks "Kofuku" LP (Magnetic Eye Records, 2016)
Eternal Sleep “The Emptiness Of…” LP (Closed Casket Activities, 2016)
Beastwars “The Death Of All Things” LP (Destroy Records, 2016)
YAITW/Gatecreeper Split 7” (A389 Recordings, 2016)
Hesitation Wounds “Awake For Everything” LP (6131 Records, 2016)
Chthe’ilist “Le Dernier Crépuscule” LP (Profound Lore, 2016)
The Lion’s Daughter “Existence is Horror” LP (Season of Mist, 2016)
Of Feather And Bone “Embrace The Wretched Flesh” LP (Good Fight Music, 2016)
Gevurah “Hallelujah!” LP (Profound Lore, 2016)
Cardinal Wyrm "Cast Away Souls" LP (Svart Records, 2016)
God’s Hate “Mass Murder” LP (Closed Casket Activities, 2016)
Snake Tongue “Raptor’s Breath” LP (The Sign Records,2016)
Bossk “Audio Noir” LP (Deathwish, 2016)
Sourvein “Aquatic Occult” LP (Metal Blade Records, 2016)
Wolfpack "A New Dawn Fades (Remastered)" LP (Southern Lord, 2016)
Wolfpack "Lycanthro Punk (Remastered)" LP (Southern Lord, 2016)
Wolfpack "Allday Hell (Remastered)" LP (Southern Lord, 2016)
Disrotted "Divination" LP (Nerve Alter, 2016)
Riot Stares "Riot Stares" EP (Headfirst! Records, 2016)
Ritual Chamber “Obscurations (To Feast on The Seraphim” LP (Profound Lore, 2016)
Foray Between Ocean "Depression Neverending" LP (Prime Eon Media, 2016)
Nomads “L̶o̶v̶e̶ ̶I̶t̶ ̶O̶r̶ Leave It” LP (Melotov Records, 2016)
Like Rats “II” LP (Southern Lord, 2016)
Wormed “Krighsu” LP (Seasons of Mist, 2016)
RIG TIME! "Sick Of It" LP (Self-Released, 2016)
1000MODS "Repeated Exposure To..." LP (Ouga Booga And The Mighty Oug Recordings, 2016)
Wake “Sowing the Seeds of a Worthless Tomorrow” LP (Nerve Altar Records, 2016)
Vorvaň "Once Love Was Lost" LP (WOOAAARGH, 2016)
Gomorrah “The Haruspex” LP (Test Your Metal Records, 2016)
Devotion "Headspace Astronaut" LP (Can't Keep Us Down, 2016)
Inverloch “Distance/Collapse” LP (Relapse Records, 2016)
Magrudergrind “II” LP (Relapse Records, 2016)
Goya "The Enemy" LP (STB Records, 2016)
Fall City Fall "Modern Day Savage" LP (Self-Released, 2016)
Constrict "Suffocation Of The Soul" LP (Instilled Records, 2016)
The Jolts "No Paradoxes" LP (Shake! Records, 2016)
Expander "Expander" 7" (Doomentia Records, 2016)
Gaasp "Scar Chain" LP (Self-Released, 2016)
Husbandry "Fera" LP (Aqualamb, 2016)
Storm Of Sedition "Decivilize" LP (Profane Existence, 2016)
Moriah Formica "Bring It On!" EP (Self-Released, 2016)
Writhing Mass "Human Capital" EP (Nerve Alter, 2016)
Kratornas "Devoured By Damnation" LP (Grathila Records, 2016)
Bailout "...As the Winds Blow On" LP (Secret Entertainment, 2016)
Cold Collective "Bachelorette Party" LP (Rise Records, 2016)
Empty Vessels "Throw Your Shadow" LP (Self-Released, 2016)
Cinemechanica "Cinemechanica" LP (Arrowhawk records, 2016)
Pressing On "No Defeat No Capitulation" LP (Deranged Records, 2016)
Blank Look "Pain" EP (Blacksmith's Blood, Inc., 2016)
Potlatch "В Преддверии Конца" LP (Self-Released, 2016)
Buried Dreams "Buried Dreams" EP (Arrest Records, 2016)
Peace Be Still "Dumb Dads" LP (Self-Released, 2016)
Murderman "S/T" LP (Aqualamb, 2016)
Midwife "Done" EP (Lesstalk Records, 2016)
Tripping The Mechanism "Dead Letters" 2X7" (Self-Released, 2016)
Above This Fire "Above This Fire" Forest City, 2016)
Appalache "Sea Gate" LP (BLWBCK, 2016)
Tutti I Colori Del Buio "Initiation Into Nothingness" LP (Shove Records, 2016)
Hosoi Bros "Abuse Your Allusion III" LP (Typhoon Killer Records, 2016)
Judiciary "The Axis Of Equality" EP (Self-Released, 2016)
Holy Grail “Times of Pride and Peril” LP (Prosthetic Records, 2016)
Opprobrium “Serpent Temptation” LP (Relapse Records, 2016)
Seven Sisters of Sleep “Ezekiel’s Hags” LP (Relapse Records, 2016)
Grieved “S/T” LP (Prosthetic Records, 2016)
Kaerulean "Metempsychosis" LP (Self-Released, 2016)
Polair "Injustice / Disasters" LP (Opposite Prod, 2016)
Ilenkus "Hunger" EP (Self-Released, 2016)
Funeral Chic "Hatred Swarm" LP (To Live A Lie, 2016)
Black Tusk “Pillars of Ash” LP (Relapse Records, 2016)


Twitching Tongues “Disharmony” LP (Metal Blade, 2015)
Stigmata “Conditioned To Murder” LP (Unbeaten Records, 2015)
Chokehold "Chokehold" LP (A389 Recordings, 2015)
Chokehold “Sell It For What It’s Worth” Discography (A389 Recordings, 2015)
Integrity “Humanity is the Devil” 2015 remix/remaster LP (Magic Bullet/Organized Crime, 2015)
Self Defense Family "Talia b/w Taxying" 7" (Deathwish, Inc., 2015)
Evra "Lightbearer" LP (Prime Collective, 2015)
Nice Hooves "The Gall" LP (No Rest Until Ruin, 2015)
Failure Pact "Careless" EP (Self-Released, 2015)
Franklin Zoo "EP 2015" EP (Target Records, 2015)
Crafter "Distance" EP (Sounds & Tones Records, 2015)
Abacus "En Theory" LP (10 Foot Woody, 2015)
ABIOTX "Liquid Damage" LP (Drunk With Power Records, 2015)
Iced Out "Man's Ruin" EP (Witch Hunter Records, 2015)
Press To Meco "Good Intent" LP (Best Before Records, 2015)
No Altars "Chambers Ov Eternal Punishment" LP (Beatdown Hardwear Records, 2015)
Disrupt “Unrest” LP (Relapse Records, 2015)
BMW Rockers 57 "Καπνισμένη Πόλη" EP (Self-Released, 2015)
Sacrilege "Behind The Realms Of Madness" LP (Relapse, 2015)
Hooded Menace “Darkness Drips Forth” LP (Relapse Records, 2015)
Axis “Show Your Greed” LP (Good Fight Music, 2015)
Goya "Obelisk" LP (STB Records, 2015)
Nelson y los Filisteos "Tibio" LP (Intruso MMXV, 2015)
Instigators "The Blood Is On Your Hands" LP (Skuld Records, 2015)
Ithaca "Trespassers" EP (Church Of Fvck, 2015)
In Cold Blood "Blind The Eyes / Straight Flush" 7" (A389 Recordings, 2015)
Fucked Up “Year of the Hare” EP (Deathwish, Inc., 2015)
Gold “No Image” LP (Profound Lore, 2015)
Lamantide "Carnis Tempora: Abyssus" LP (Shove Records, 2015)
Mock The Mankind “Ruination” LP (Self Released, 2015)
Vastum “Hole Below” LP (20 Buck Spin, 2015)
We Hunt Buffalo "Living Ghosts" LP (Fuzzorama Records, 2015)
Cult Leader “Lightless Walk” LP (Deathwish, Inc., 2015)
Svalbard “One Day All This Will End” LP (Holy Roar Records, 2015
Drug Church “Hit Your Head” LP (No Sleep Records, 2015)
Flesh Of The Stars "Hide" LP (Self-Released, 2015)
Black Breath “Slaves beyond Death” LP (Southern Lord, 2015)
Windhand "Grief's Infernal Flower" LP (Relapse Records, 2015)
Nightfell "Darkness Evermore" LP (20 Buck Spin, 2015)
Wiegedood "De Doden Hebben Het Goed" LP (Consouling Sounds, 2015)
Worthwhile "Old World Harm" LP (Hopeless Records, 2015)
Ramming Speed "No Epitaphs" LP (Prosthetic Records, 2015)
Mercy Ties "Proper Corruption" LP (Glory Kid Ltd., 2015)
Castles "Fiction Or Truth?" LP ( Black Basset Records, 2015)
No Problem "Kid Killer" EP (Taken By Surprise Records, 2015)
Indesinence "III" LP (Profound Lore, 2015)
Senior Fellows "Shallow Grave For A Dying God" LP (Dead Tank Records, 2015)
Abolitionist "The Vicious Rumor" LP (1859 Records, 2015)
Valve "APNEE" LP (Poutrage Records, 2015)
Deconsecrate "Nothing Is Sacred" (Good Life Recordings, 2015)
Cardinal Wyrm "Black Hole Gods" LP (Svart Records, 2015)
Ήλιος Θανάτου "Ήλιος Θανάτου" EP (Scarecrow, 2015)
Casey Bolles “Freshman” EP (Pure Noise Records, 2015)
Infera Bruo “In Conjuration” LP (Bindrune Recordings, 2015)
Defeater "Abandoned" LP (Epitaph, 2015)
Endzweck "Tender Is The Night" LP (Cosmic Note, 2015)
Unsacred "False Light" LP (Forcefield Records, 2015)
Extinction A.D. "Faithkiller" LP (Good Fight Music, 2015)
Ghost House "The Easy Company" LP (Self-Released, 2015)
Pearl Charles "Pearl Charles" LP (Burger Records, 2015)
Lo! "The Tongueless" EP (Pelagic Records, 2015)
Calm The Fire "Doomed From The Start" LP (Antena Krzyku, 2015)
Various "Finnish Spunk / Hard Beat" LP (Svart Records, 2015)
Dead To A Dying World "Litany" LP (Tofu Carnage, 2015)
Despise You "All Your Majestic Bullshit" EP (Pessimiser Records, 2015)
Dokuga "Dokuga" LP (Garagem, 2015)
Hope Drone "Cloak Of Ash" LP (Relapse, 2015)
Abrams "Lust. Love. Loss." LP (Self-Released, 2015)
Mutoid Man "Bleeder" LP (Sargent House, 2015)
Lifespent "Troubled Times" 7" (Northern Sound Records, 2015)
Locrian "Infinite Dissolution" LP (Relapse, 2015)
Terveet Kädet “Lapin Helvetti” LP (Svart Records, 2015)
Fredag Den 13:e "Domedagar" LP (Deviance, Farsot, Everyday Rate, Halvfabrikat, Bez AK-47, Angry voice, 2015)
God Mother "Maktbehov" LP (Self-Released, 2015)
Toxic Shock "Some Record Labels Are Pretentious Assholes On Record Store Day" 7" (Toxic Waste Records, 2015)
Unleash the Archers "Time Stands Still" LP (Napalm Records, 2015)
Four Year Strong "Four Year Strong" LP (Pure Noise Records, 2015)
Author & Punisher "Melk En Honing" LP (Housecore Records, 2015)
Keeper "The Space Between your Teeth" LP (Crown and Throne, Ltd, 2015)
Vatican "Drowning The Apathy Inside" EP (Blasphemour Records, 2015)
Discomfort "Worst" LP (Protagonist Music, 2015)
Sibiir "Swallow & Trap Them!" 7" (Disiplin Media, 2015)
Implore "Depopulation" LP (Pelagic Records, 2015)
Languish "Extinction" LP (Precarian Media, 2015)
Burnt Books "Where There's Smoke There's Fire" LP (Retro Futurist, 2015)
Abaddon Incarnate "Pessimist" LP (Self-Released, 2015)
Gay Kiss "Preservation Measures" LP (Sorry State Records, 2015)
Modern Life is War "Witness" Remastered LP (Deathwish, Inc, 2015)
The Armed "Untitled" LP (No Rest Until Ruin, 2015)
Self Defense Family "Heaven is Earth" LP (Deathwish, Inc, 2015
Employed to Serve "Greyer than you Remember" LP (Holy Roar Records, 2015)
Rolo Tomassi "Grievances" LP (Holy Roar Records, 2015)
Valkyrie "Shadows" LP (Relapse, 2015)
Skinless "Only the Ruthless Remain" LP (Relapse, 2015)
Flesh Of The Stars "Hosanna" LP (Self-Released, 2015)
Bell Witch "Four Phantoms" LP (Profound Lore, 2015)
Outline "Fading" EP (Shield Recordings, 2015)
Noisem "Blossoming Decay" LP (A389 Recordings, 2015)
Ilsa "The Felon's Claw" LP (A389 Recordings, 2015)
Genocide Pact "Forged Through Domination" LP (A389 Recordings, 2015)
The Blacktones "S/T" LP (Self-Released, 2015)
Nails "Among The Arches Of Intolerance/In Pain" Flexi (Decibel Flexi Series, 2015)
Sardonis "III" LP (Consouling Sounds, 2015)
Full of Hell "Full of Hell & Merzbow" LP (Profound Lore/A389 Recordings, 2015)
Razor "Open Hostility" Remaster/Reissue (Relapse, 2015)
Razor "Shotgun Justice" Remaster/Reissue (Relapse, 2015)
Razor "Violent Restitution" Remaster/Reissue (Relapse, 2015)
The Beautiful Ones "Jaded Love" LP (6131 Records, 2015)
Time Crisis "Afraid OF Death" EP (Death's Grip, 2015)
Vallenfyre "The Last of Our Kind" 7" EP (Century Media, 2015)
Actor|Observer "The Longer Now" LP (Self-Released, 2015)
Poison Idea "Confuse and Conquer" LP (Southern Lord, 2015)
Burweed "Hide" LP (Inverse Records, 2015)
Human Future "Spectrum" LP (Truthseeker Music, 2015)
By The Patient "Gehenna" LP (Lifeforce Records, 2015)
Upinatem "Groundhog Years" LP (WavePOP, 2015)
Abstracter "Wound Empire" LP (Vendetta Records, 2015)
Frontierer "Orange Mathematics" LP (Self-Released, 2015)
Disrotted S/T LP (Diseased Audio, 2015)
New Plague S/T EP (Fly The Light Records, 2015)
Rwake "Xenoglossalgia: The Last Stage of Awareness" LP (Relapse, 2015)
Totem Skin "Weltschmerz" LP (Halo Of Flies, 2015)
Call of the Void "Ageless" LP (Relapse, 2015)
Disenchanter "Strange Creations" LP (Self-Released, 2015)
Eternal Sleep "Belief In The Truth Of Nothing" 7" (Harm Reduction Records, 2015)
Sans Soleil "A Holy Land Beneath a Godless Sky" LP (Tofu Carnage Records, 2015)
The Fifth Alliance "Death Poems" LP (WOOAAARGH, 2015)
Mammoth Storm "Fornjot" LP (Napalm Records, 2015)
Harms Way "Rust" (Deathwish, Inc. 2015)
Galvano "Trail Of The Serpent" LP (Candlelight Records, 2015)
Lunch "Let Us Have Madness Openly" LP (Mass Media Records, 2015)
Partisan "Partisan" EP (Hypertension Records, 2015)
Tripping The Mechanism "Potestas Virtus" EP (Self-Released, 2015)
Vingulmork "Chiaroscuro" LP (Crime Records, 2015)
Revok "Bunt Auf Grau" LP (Music Fear Satan, 2015)
Survival "Walk Into The Fire" LP (Electric Dissent, 2015
Make Do and Mend "Don't Be Long" LP (Stay close/Rise Records, 2015)
P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S. "Another Day" LP (Doomtown Sounds, 2015)
Hamlet "La Ira" LP (Maldito Records, 2015)
Halshug "Blodets Bånd" LP (Southern Lord, 2015)
Caïna "Setter of Unseen Snares" LP (COF, 2015)
The Ditch And The Delta "We Rust" EP (GypsyBlood Records, 2015)
Warcry "Savage Machinery" LP (Blackwater Records, 2015)
Discourse "Sanity Decays" LP (Closed Casket Activities, 2015)
Xibalba "Tierra Y Liberated" LP (Southern Lord, 2015)
Jack Dalton "Past Swallows Love" LP (Indie Recordings, 2015)
Indecision "Most Precious Blood" LP (Closed Casket Activities, 2015)
Soul Structure "The Body Of Man" LP (Barely Regal Records, 2015)
DSGNS "Hexes" LP (Pluto Records, 2015)
Wovoka "Saros" LP (Battleground Records, 2015)
Break Away "Face Aggression" LP (React! Records, 2015)
Not A Part Of It "Don't Let The Bastards Down" LP (Act Out! Records, 2015)
Burning Love "Down So Long/Medicine Man" 7" EP (Deathwish, Inc. 2015)
Lord Dying "Poisoned Altars" (Relapse, 2015)
Your Highness "City in Ruins" LP (Hoogheid Records, 2015)
Callisto "Secret Youth" LP (Svart Records, 2015)
ИO///sé "Lower Berth" LP (1859 Records, 2015)
Horsehunter "Caged in Flesh" LP (Magnetic Eye Records, 2015)
Great Lakes USA "Stumbling Distance" LP (Coffebreath And Heartache, 2015)
God's Hate "Father Inferior" EP (Closed Casket Activities, 2015)
Forest Of Tygers "Bruises" EP (Acteon Records, 2015)
Against The Grain "Road Warriors" LP (Self Destructo Records, 2015)
OHHMS "Cold" EP (Holy Roar Records, 2015)


Obituary "Inked In Blood" LP (Relapse Records, 2014) 
Downfall of Gaia "Aeon Unveils the Thrones of Decay" LP (Metal Blade Records, 2014)
Blacklisted "Heavier than Heaven... Lonelier than God" Remaster/Reissue (Deathwish, Inc., 2014)
Territory "Blowback" 7" (Crown and Throne, Ltd, 2014)
The Donor "Agony" LP (Till Your Death Records, 2014)
SundaySong "Down Wind, Down Sea" LP (Haminian Sounds, 2014)
The Occult "III" EP (TRVS Records, 2014)
Mizery "Survive The Vibe" EP (Lion's Share Records, 2014)
Pet The Preacher "The Cave And The Sunlight" LP (Napalm Records, 2014)
Boneless "Gratitude" LP (Rest Assured Records, 2014)
Savage Machine "Through The Iron Forest" EP (Self-Released, 2014)
Dead Again "Space Basement" EP (Self-Released, 2014)
No Flowers "EP Two" Self-Released, 2014)
Old Skin "Consume" EP (Self-Released, 2014)
Damien "Carry The Fire" LP (Big Balls Productions, 2014)
Old Man Gloom "The Ape of God" LP (Profound Lore/SIGE records, 2014)
Old Man Gloom "The Ape of God" LP (Profound Lore/SIGE records, 2014)
Bog Oak "A Treatise on Resurrection and the Afterlife" EP (Svart Records, 2014)
Godhunter/Secrets of the Sky Split LP (Battleground Records, 2015)
Forced Order "Eternal War" EP (Mass Movement Records, 2014)
Terveet Kädet "Musta Jumala" LP (Svart Records, 2014)
Muscle And Marrow "The Human Cry" LP (Belief Mower Records, 2014)
Blood Freak "Squalor" LP (Willowtip Records, 2014)
Exalt "Pale Light" LP (New Damage Records, 2014)
Occultation "Silence in the Ancestral House" LP (Profound Lore, 2014)
Pelican "Arktika" LP (Self-Released, 2014)
Neighborhood Brats "Recovery" LP (Taken By Surprise Records, 2014)
Vaurio "Huuto Yöstä" LP (Svart Records, 2014)
Hush "Unexist" LP (Self-Released, 2014)
Jenny Don't And The Spurs "Trouble With The Law / My Blue Heart " 7" (Doomtown Sounds, 2014)
Hollow Earth "Silent Graves" LP (Panic Records, 2014)
Lowered A.D. "New Depths" LP (Unbeaten Records, 2014) 
Plaids "S/T" LP (Barely Regal Records, 2014)
Sick/Tired "Dissolution" LP (A389 Recordings, 2014)
Home wrecker "Circle of Death" LP (A389 Recordings, 2014)
Noisem "Consumed" 7" (A389 recordings, 2014)
Napalm Christ S/T LP (A389 Recordings, 2014)
Dark Circles "MMXIV" LP (Désordre Ordonné, 2014)
Brainoil "Death of this Dry Season" LP (Tank Crimes, 2014)
Generation of Vipers "Coffin Wisdom" (Translation Loss Records, 2014)
OHHMS "Bloom" LP (Holy Roar Records, 2014)
Fórn "The Departure of Consciousness" LP (Vendetta Records, 2014)
La Haine "As Seasons Change, So do You" cassette (Crown and Throne, Ltd, 2014)
Ritual "En Masse" EP (Self-Released, 2014)
Hollow Tongue "Time/Death" 7" (Crown and Throne, Ltd, 2014)
Swamps "Heavy Work" EP (Up All Night Records, 2014)
Of Feather and Bone/Reproacher Split 7" (Crown and Throne, Ltd, 2014)
Obliterations "Poison Everything" LP (Southern Lord, 2014)
Outright "Avalanche" LP (Reason And Rage Records, 2014)
Atriarch "An Unending Pathway" LP (Relapse, 2014)
Old Lines "No Child Left Behind" LP (No Sleep Records, 2014)
Greber "Kiln Hardened Psalms" LP (Handshake, Inc., 2014)
Kingshead/Stonewall "Split" EP (Pushed Too Far Records, 2014)
Puig Destroyer "S/T" LP (No Sleep Records, 2014)
Baptists "Bloodmines" LP (Southern Lord, 2014)
Torch Runner "Endless Nothing" LP (Southern Lord, 2014)
Usnea "Random Cosmic Violence" (Relapse, 2014)
Cold Blue Mountain "Old Blood" LP (Halo of Flies, 2014)
Warcry "Needle Zero Drone II" 7" (Warcry Records, 2014)
Last Dayz "Well Dead" LP (Ratel Records, 2014)
100 Demons "In The Eyes Of The Lord" LP (A389 Recordings, 2014)
Grand Collapse "Far From The Callous Crowd" LP (1859 Records, 2014)
Iron Reagan "The Tyranny of Will" LP (Relapse,2014)
Arctic Flowers "Weaver" LP (Deranged Records, 2014)
War//Plague "Temperaments Of War" EP (Profane Existence, 2014)
Acidez "Beer Drinkers Survivors" LP (Bambam Records, 2014)
God's Hate "Divine Injustice" EP (Closed Casket Activities, 2014)
Esoteric Youth/Caïna "Split" EP (Church of Fvck, 2014)
Forced Order "Retribution" EP (Revelation Records, 2014)
Bolesno Grinje "Chronicles From The Tomb" LP (Rest Of Noise Productions, 2014)
Wizard Rifle "Here In The Deadlights" LP (Seventh Rule Recordings, 2014)
ENZE "Incendis" EP (Self-Released, 2014)
Atentado "Antagonist" LP (Ragingplanet, 2014)
Daisy Face "Slow Approaching Nothing" EP (Rubber Brother Records, 2014)
Palm "The Unusual" EP (Six Feet Under Records, 2014)
Chaos Order / Werewolf Congress "Order Of The Wolf" EP (Blasphemour Records, 2014)
013 "Takaisin Todellisuuteen" LP (Svart Records, 2014)
Nato "...Korjaa Kaiken" LP (Svart Records, 2014)
Lapsaria "S/T" EP (Why Gang Records, 2014)
Capsize "The Angst In My Veins" LP (Impericon Records, 2014)
American Standards "Hungry Hands" EP (Self-Released, 2014)
Slumlord "Love All Serve None" EP (Self-Released, 2014)
Anti Ritual "S/T" LP (Indisciplinarian, 2014)
Hombre Malo "Persistent Murmur Of Words Of Wrath" LP (Disiplin Media, 2014)
Disenchanter "On Through Portals" EP (Self-Released, 2014)
Road To Manila "Oars" EP (Beyond Hope Records, 2014)
Teethmarks "Survival" LP (No List Records, 2014)
Blistered "Soul Erosion" EP (6131 Records, 2014)
Twitching Tongues "World War Live" (Closed Casket Activities, 2014)
Empty Vessels "Seizures Within Reason" LP (Self-Released, 2014)
Hellshock "Low Men In Yellow Cloaks" 7" (Blackwater Records, 2014)
Megaton Leviathan "Past 21 Beyond The Arctic Cell" LP (Seventh Rule Recordings, 2014)
Excel "Split Image" LP (Southern Lord, 2014)
Code Orange "I am King" LP (Deathwish, 2014)
Yob "Clearing the Path to Ascend" LP (Neurot/Relapse, 2014)
Outline "Noose" EP (Fortyweight Records, 2014)
Brotherhood "Til Death..." LP (Southern Lord,2014)
Cold World "How the Gods Chill" LP (Deathwish, 2014)
The Shape "Masque of the Red Death" LP (Monolithic Music, 2014)
Bastardizer "Enforcers Of Evil" (Hells Vomit Productions, 2014)
Funerals "Human Ruin" EP (Blasphemour Records, 2014)
Ultramantis Black "S/T" LP (Relapse, 2014)
Public Animal "Habitat Animal" LP (Yeah Right! Records, 2014)
Mortals "Cursed to See the Future" LP (Relapse, 2014)
Legions "Apparition Songs" EP (Broken Hive Records, 2014)
Lecherous Gaze "Zeta Reticuli Blues" LP (Teepee Records, 2014)
Council Of Rats "Ill Weathers" LP (Adagio830, 2014)
ACXDC "Antichrist Demoncore" LP (Melotov Records, 2014)
Broadway Killers "S/T" LP (Mighty Music, 2014)
Xibalba/Suburban Scum Split LP (Xibalba side, Closed Casket Activities, 2014)
Gust S/T LP (Southern Lord, 2014)
Dylan Carlson "Gold" LP (Self Released, 2014)
Corrosion of Conformity "IX" (Candlelight Records, 2014)
Nightfell "The Living Ever Mourn" LP (Southern Lord, 2014)
Bowl Ethereal 7" EP (Southern Lord, 2014)
Electric Funeral "Total Funeral" 2xLP (Southern Lord, 2014)
Skaven "Discography" LP (Skuld, 2014)
Young And In The Way "When Life Comes to Death" LP (Deathwish, 2014)
Serpentine Path "Emanations" LP (Relapse, 2014)
Darkentries "The Make Believe" LP (Retro Futurist, 2014)
Destroy All "Leviathan Rise" EP (Self Released, 2014)
Vallenfyre "Splinters" LP (Century Media, 2014)
Bane "Don't Wait Up" LP (Equal Vision Records, 2014)
Space God Ritual "From Void To Ocean" LP (Morose Music, 2014)
Gatecreeper S/T EP (Self Released, 2014)
Black Wings Of Destiny "The Storyteller Part One" LP (Far From My Eye Records, 2014)
Skinfather "None Will Mourn" LP (Streetcleaner Records, 2014)
Mannequin S/T LP (Self Released, 2014)
The Golden Grass S/T LP (Svart Records, 2014)
Chaos Order "Vultures" 7" (Fly the Light, 2014)
Iced Out "Jukai" 7" (Church of Fuck, 2014)
SUNN O))) "La Reh" 12" (Southern Lord, Ideologic Organ, 2014)
Wound "Wound" LP (Nightstick Justice Records, 2014)
Nomads "Nomads" EP (h1n1 Records, 2014)
Hollow Sunshine "Cold Truth / I Wandered" 7" (Nostalgium Directive, 2014)
Delinquents "Counting The Days" 7" (Delinquent Industries, 2014)
Pierced Arrows "This Is The Day B/W Zip My Lip" 7" (Watts Of Goodwill, 2014)
Anna Sage "The Fourth Wall" EP (Self-Released, 2014)
Trudger "Dormiveglia" LP (Church Of Fvck, 2014)
Dödsvarg "Människan En Ruttnande Process" (Suicide Records, 2014)
Dirty Wombs "Opposite Flow" LP (Self-Released, 2014)
Midnight "No Mercy For Mayhem" LP (Metal Blade Records, 2014)
Graves at Sea/Sourvein Split LP (Seventh Rule, 2014)
Cholera "Plagiarised Hope" 7" (Church of Fuck, 2014)
Get Greens "Green Plague" LP (Self Released, 2014)
Bateman "Smut" LP (Self Released, 2014)
Bloodlet "Live on WFMU-FM" 12" (A389 Recordings, 2014)
Nous Étions "La Manière Noire" LP (Désordre Ordonné, 2014)
Noisem/Occultist split 7" (Noisem side only, A39 Recordings, 2014)
Integrity/Vegas split 7" (A389 Recordings, 2014)
Nux Vomica S/T LP (Relapse, 2014)
The Drip "A Presentation of Gruesome Poetics" 12" (Relapse, 2014)
Reserving Dirtnaps S/T (Self Released, 2014)
Ringworm "Hammer of the Witch" LP (Relapse, 2014)
Converge "Live at the BBC" 7" (Deathwish, 2014)
BL'AST "The Expression of Power" 3xLP (Southern Lord, 2014)
Offenders "Endless Struggle/We Must Rebel/I Hate Myself" 2xLP (Southern Lord, 2014)
Dead Yet? "An Uncertain Decay" LP (B80 Records, 2014)
Terveet Kädet "Terveet Kädet" LP (Svart Records, 2014)
Num Skull "Ritually Abused" LP (Relapse, 2014) 
Famine "Famine" EP (WOOAAARGH, 2014)
Memnon SA "Citadel" LP ‎(Pyramide Noire, 2014)
Y.Blues "The Arrival" (Self Released, 2014)
Sadhus (The Smoking Community) S/T LP (Self-Released, 2014)
Old Wounds "Death Projection" EP (Good Fight Music, 2014)
Bastions "Bedfellows Part 2: The Forgotten Daughter" LP (Holy Roar Records, 2014)
Culted "Oblique to All Paths" LP (Relapse, 2014)
Cliffjumper "Wolf Valley" (Self Released, 2014)
Catholic Girls "Distant" 7" (Crown and Throne, ltd, 2014)
Bask "American Hollow" LP (Self-Released, 2014)
Spellcaster "Spellcaster" LP (Lone Fir Records, 2014)
Vultures "Low Life" EP (Submerge Records, 2014)
The Struggle "The Illusion Of Freedom" EP (What Remains Records, 2014)
Bloodlet "Entheogen" 2xLP (A389 Recordings, 2014)
In Cold Blood "Suicide King" LP (A389 Recordings, 2014)
Zex "Fight For Yourself" LP (Rotten Leather Productions, 2014)
Fever Dreams "Life Has Departed" LP (Sell Your Sould Records, 2014)
Of Feather And Bone "Adorned In Decay" EP (Mind Melt Enterprises, 2014)
Oblivion "No Room For Fools" LP (Cruzade Records, 2014)
Piss Vortex "S/T" LP (Indisciplinarian, 2014)
Shin 2 Shin "S/T" LP (A389 Recordings, 2014)
Integrity "The Revelation: Beyond the Realm of the VVitch" 7" (A389 Recordings, 2014)
Bloodlet "Embrace" 7" (A389 Recordings, 2014)
Haymaker "Let them Rot" 7" (A389 Recordings, 2014)
The Weight "Suffer Eternal" EP (Death's Grip Records, 2014)
The Bellicose Minds "The Buzz or Howl Sessions" 10" (A389 Recordings, 2014)
Left for Dead "Subscription Series" 7" (A389 Recordings, 2014)
Corrupt Leaders S/T 7" (Moshpit Tragedy Records, 2014)
Noothgrush "Entropy / Life Shatters Into Pieces Of Anguish" 7" (Fuck Yoga Records, 2014)


Stephen O'Malley "TEMPESTARII + DISintegration" cassette (2013)
Beastmilk "Climax" LP (Svart/Magic Bullet Records, 2013)
Lumbar "The First and Last Days of Unwelcome" LP (Southern Lord, 2013)
Wolves in the Throne Room "BBC Session 2011 Anno Domini LP (Southern Lord, 2013)
Niche "The Other Side of the End" LP (Self Released, 2013)
Noothgrush/Coffins Split LP (Noothgrush side, Southern Lord, 2013)
Toxic Holocaust "Chemistry of Consciousness" LP (Relapse, 2013)
Ramming Speed "Doomed To Destroy, Destined To Die" LP (Prosthetic Records, 2013)
Faithreat "S/T" LP (Screaming Victims, 2013)
Old Skin "Maere" EP (Church of Fvck, Dry Cough, Skin and Bones, 2013)
We Set Sail "Rivals" LP (Self Released, 2013)
Minus "S/T" LP (Triple B Records, 2013)
Bent Life "Full Skull" 7" (6131 Records, 2013)
Enabler "Flies" EP (Earsplit, 2013)
Ringworm "Bleed" 10" EP (Relapse, 2013)
Obelyskkh "Hymn to Pan" LP (Exile on Mainstream, 2013)
KK Null & Ore "Components Of Circulation & Dawn Of Time" 7" (Endtyme Records, 2013)
Lecherous Gaze "Animal Brain" 7" (Tym Records, 2013)
Jenny Don't And The Spurs "No Good / You Win Again" 7" (Tombstone Records, 2013)
Hyëna "Schemes" LP (Puzzle Records, 2013)
Cleric "Gratum Inferno" LP (Tofu Carnage, 2013)
Twitching Tongues "In Love There Is No Law" LP (Closed Casket Activities, 2013)
A Storm of Light "Nations to Flames" LP (Southern Lord, 2013)
Said Gun "Control" LP (Self-Released, 2013)
BL'AST "Blood" LP (Southern Lord, 2013)
Blind to Faith "Under the Heptagram" 12" (A389 Recordings, 2013)
Life Against Death "S/T" Album (Self Released, 2013)
Burning Ghats "Something Other than Yourself" LP (Self Released, 2013)
Long Knife "Wilderness" LP (Feral Ward, 2013)
Criminal Damage "Call of Death" LP (Feral Ward, 2013)
Manhunt "S/T" LP (Lethal Dose Records, 2013)
Modern Life is War "Fever Hunting" LP (Deathwish, 2013)
Dead in the Dirt "The Blind Hole" LP (Southern Lord, 2013)
Everything Went Black "Mosenthein" EP (Encapsulated Records, 2013)
Smoke "Smoke" LP (Self-Released, 2013)
Oathbreaker ""Eros|Anteros" LP (Deathwish, 2013)
Autarch "Death of Actiacus" LP/Cassette (SR/Head First Records, 2013)
Iron Dogs "Free And Wild" LP (Iron Bonehead Productions, 2013)
Goon "Paikka Täällä" LP (Karhulan Viihdeteollisuus Oy, 2013)
Navajo Witch "Skinwalker EP" (Self Released, 2013)
Jucifer "The Russian Album" LP (Handshake, inc/Alternative Tentacles, 2013)
Pelican "Deny the Absolute" 7" (The Mylene Sheath, 2013)
Electric Citizen "Electric Citizen" EP (The Crossing, 2013)
Grudges "Abuse" EP (16OH Records, 2013)
Ephemeros "All Hail Corrosion" CD/LP (Seventh Rule/Parasitic, 2013)
Defeater "Letters Home" LP (Bridge Nine, 2013)
War//Plague "Primal" 7" (Profane Existence, 2013)
Relentless Approach "Constant State of Conflict" flexi (World Trade Records, 2013)
Pine Barrens "Kingmaker" LP (Super-Fi/For Blind/Parade of Spectres/Slow Riot/Moshtache, 2013)
Drifter "Separate Graves" EP (Self-Released, 2013)
Polluter "Sociopathic 29" LP (Self-Released, 2013)
Centuries "Taedium Vitae" LP (Southern Lord, 2013
All Pigs Must Die "Nothing Violates this Nature" LP (Southern Lord, 2013)
All Pigs Must Die "Silencer" 7" (Nonbeliever, 2013)
Infera Bruo "Desolate Unknown" CD (Self Released, 2013)
False Light "S/T 7" EP" (Headfirst Records, 2013)
Age of Woe "Inhumanform" LP (Give Praise/Suicide Records, 2013)
Deep Pockets "You Feel Shame" LP (Iron Pier, 2013)
Monachus "Below" LP "Alerta Antifascista Records, 2013)
Lost Lands "Body Of Habit" EP (Man In Decline Records, 2013)
Integrity "Suicide Black Snake" LP, (A389 Recordings/Magic Bullet, 2013)
Noisem "Agony Redefined" LP (A389 Recordings, 2013)
Ilsa/Seven Sisters of Sleep Split 7" (A389 Recordings, 2013)
Ruins "Incidents" LP (Twisted Chords, 2013)
Power Play "Single Purpose of Moment" EP (Self Released, 2013)
Disenchanter "Back To Earth" LP (Self-Released, 2013)
No Bønes "Belongings" EP (No Routine Records, 2013)
Lunch "Johnny Pineapple" EP (Jonny Cat Records, 2013)
Goya "777" LP (Opoponax Records, 2013)
Much Worse "Macrocosm is a Wash" LP (Forward Records, 2013)
Harrowed "Into Inferno" LP (Feast Of Tentacles, 2013)
Azalea City "Wodwo" EP (Self Released, 2013)
Kristoffer Lo "Anomie" LP (Gigafon Records, 2013)
Enabler "Shift of Redemption" EP (Think Fast Records, 2013)
Siberian Hell Sounds "S/T" LP (Self-Released, 2013)
Hessian "Manégarmr" LP (Southern Lord, 2013)
Baptists "Bushcraft" LP (Southern Lord, 2013)
Bright Curse S/T Lp (2013)
Raw Nerves "Futile Efforts" LP (Man In Decline Records, 2013)
Solid Giant S/T EP (Self Released, 2013)
Razoreater/Iced Out Split 7" (Razoreater side, Church of Fvck 2013)
Nails "Abandon All Life" LP (Southern Lord, 2013)
Black Mare "Field of the Host"LP (The Crossing, 2013)
Lost Lands "Visible Fissures" EP (Vitriol Records, 2013)
The Armed/Tharsis They "Split" EP (No Rest Until Ruin, 2013)
Sarabante "S/T" EP (Man In Decline Records, 2013)
Owl "Too Loud to Die" LP (Failure Records, 2013)
E-Meters "King of the Waves/Diamond Beaches" 7" (Self Released, 2013)
Trap House Rave "Contagious LP" (Self Released, 2013)
Gehenna "Negotium Perambulans In Tenebris" LP (A389 Records, 2013)
Gut Feeling "S/T 7" EP" (Headfirst Records, 2013)
Kraken "Exil" LP (D7i Records, 2013)
Hollow Tongue "Godsnakes" CD (Self Released, 2013)
Dark Circles S/T EP (Self Released, 2013)
Senior Fellows "Ecclesiastical Servitude (Self Released, 2013)
Through Thorn and Brier "Failure Prone" LP (Self Released, 2013)
The Chemicals "For Real, For Life, Forever, or Whatever" LP (Taken by Surprise Records, 2013)

2012 & Earlier

Guantanamo Baywatch "Chest Crawl" LP (Dirtnap Records, 2012)
Autarch "S/T" EP (Self Released, 2012)
Adelitas "Llama Viva de la Rabia" LP (Aborted Society, 2012)
Peroxide "Can You Hear the Sound of Peace?" 7" (Distort Reality, 2012)
Seas Will Rise "Disease is our Refrain" LP (Man in Decline/Anxiety Machine, 2012)
Vile Eye" Demo 2012" (self released, 2012)
Zodiac "Demo" (Self Released, 2012)
A Volcano "Palaver" EP (Self Released, 2012)
Brazen "Abysmal Demo" (Self Released, 2012)
Trauma "10 Song EP" (Bulkhead Records, 2012)
Manx "S/T" EP (Self Released, 2012)
Bullshit Tradition "Tragedy of the Commons" LP (Prolific Summer, 2012)
Tragedy "Darker Days Ahead" LP (Tragedy Records, 2012)
Tsepesch "Demo" (Self Released, 2012)
Spectral Tombs "Veils as Poisoned Streams" CD (Self Released, 2012)
Jucifer "Nadir" LP (Mutants of the Monster, 2012)
Lamprey "The Burden of Beasts"CD (Self Released, 2012)
Doomsower "1974" CD (Self Released, 2012)
High on Fire "The Art of Self Defense" LP Reissue (Southern Lord, 2012)
Sleep "Dopesmoker" LP Reissue (Southern Lord, 2012)
SUNN O))) "Rehearsal Demo November 11 2011" LP (Southern Lord/Ideologic Organ, 2012)
Old Lines LP (Self Released, 2012)
Therapists "Hate Sweats" LP (Jonny Cat Records, 2012)
Hammers "Vardogr" LP (Self Released, 2012)
War//Plague "On a Darker Dawn" LP (Profane Existence, 2012)
Dresden "Extinguish the Cross" 7" (Profane Existence, 2012)
From Ashes Rise "Rejoice the End/Rage of Sanity" 7" (Southern Lord, 2012)
Deviated Instinct "Liberty Crawls...To the Sanctuary of Slaves" LP (Profane Existence/Terminal Filth 2012)
The Stops "S/T" EP (Residue Records, 2012)
Thee Headliners "The Kids are Awry" LP (Self Released, 2012)
Daighila "Transitions" LP (Revulsion Records, 2012)
The Shivas "Whiteout" LP (Burger Records, 2012)
Summon the Crows/Deviated Instinct Split 7" (Terminal Filth/Nakkeskudd Plater 2012)
Eskatol "Andre Angrepet" 7" (Nakkeskudd Plater, 2012)
Short Changed "We Will Bury You" LP (Rodent Popsicle Records, 2012)
Relentless Approach "Notorious Thugs" 7" (Self Released, 2012)
Arrestum "Ihmistieteet" 7" (Parta Records, 2012)
Murhamurha "S/T LP" (Karhula Entertainment, 2012)
Masakari/Grin and Bear it Split 7" (Halo of Flies, 2012)
No Stayer "First E.P." EP (Self-Released, 2012)
Youthbitch "Don't Fuck This Up" LP (Jonny Cat Records, 2012)
Little Sister "S/T 7" (Replenish Records, 2012)

Sarabante "Remnants" LP (Southern Lord Records/Sara Records, 2011)
P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S. "Make it through the Night" LP (Doomtown Sounds, 2011)
Dead Yet? "Dissent the End" CD (Self Released, 2011)
Ripper "Into Oblivion" LP (Blackwater Records, 2011)
Salted City "Rebirth" EP (Adelante Discos, 2011)
Negative Reinforcement "Dog" 12" EP (Coffin Cut Records, 2011)
Bi-Marks "The Golden Years" LP (Mata La Musica Discos, 2011)
DesolateVoid "Northern Aggression 7" (Crimes Against Humanity, 2011)
Noothgrush "Live for Nothing" LP (Southern Lord, 2011)
Death First "Trapped" EP (Destroy Me Records, 2011)
Stockpile "S/T" EP (Destroy Me Records, 2011)
Abolitionist "At The Level Of The Ear" EP (1859 records, 2011)
Unlearn "When The Reaper Comes To You Will You Clap?" EP (Deranged Records, 2011)
Nukkehammer "Soviet Rust Belt" EP (Solar Funeral, 2011)
Don't "Love Lost / Killing Me" 7" (Doomtown Sounds, 2011)
Pigeon Hunt "Untitled" EP (Spelling Trouble Records, 2011)
OFF! "Compared to What/Rotten Apple" 7" (Southern Lord, 2011)
Cyclops "S/T" 7" (Jonny Cat Records, 2011)

Lebanon "Overdose/Overload" EP (Southern Lord, 2010)
Raw Nerves "We Must Be Dreaming" EP (Inkblot Records, 2010)
Raw Nerves "S/T" LP (Inimical Records, 2010)
From Ashes Rise "Live Hell" LP (Jade Tree Records, 2010)
Burning Leather "Daylight Nights" LP (Under The Surface, 2010)
Criminal Damage "S/T" LP (Feral Ward, 2006)