Mastering includes unlimited revisions until approved.

Base Fee/Single Format Option includes mastering for digital release/distribution only.

If vinyl masters are needed, the "Multiple Format" price is applicable.


1-10 MINUTES: $300
11-20 MINUTES: $360
21-32 MINUTES: $420
33-45 MINUTES: $480
46-80 MINUTES: $540
80-120 MINUTES: $600

*Limited to five minutes in length or less


1-10 MINUTES: $380
11-20 MINUTES: $440
21-32 MINUTES: $500
33-45 MINUTES: $560
46-80 MINUTES: $620
80-120 MINUTES: $680

*Limited to five minutes in length or less

STEM MASTERING: Add $20.00 per song



AUDIO AND DATA CDS: $10 for the first disc, $5 for each additional disc. Postage is extra based on location.

APPLE DIGITAL MASTERS (Formerly Mastered For iTunes/MFiT):

We are certified by Apple to provide high resolution masters printed and auditioned specifically with iTunes encoding and distribution in mind. If requesting Apple Digital Masters, please add an additional $80 to the total cost. Please note that Apple Digital Masters are not required by iTunes for distribution at this time, although they do usually sound better after Apple's conversion process.


I often get asked to provide free one song samples of my mastering work. It's common for mastering engineers to provide free samples, and it sometimes helps the artist choose what path they will take once their mix is done. With a few exceptions, I do not do free samples, and I'll explain why, as well as explain my policy on them.

I consider a lot of what I do to be custom work, meaning it's built around your vision as an artist. While I've spent years honing my ears and skills with the tools I use daily, the process of understanding this vision and relating to the music-getting inside it-makes communication the most important skill. All stages of a recording must be tailored to the artist, and I firmly believe that audio mastering is no exception. So, samples can tend to reinforce the "master in/master out" process. Think of it as a custom fitting, with the final result being one of a kind. The best results are sometimes achieved after 2 or more passes are done, after the engineer and the artist have established a firm line of communication. Additionally, mastering samples can take a lot of time, and unfortunately, time is limited for most folks these days.

Samples can be a good starting point, to know where something might go, but I advise you to take with these samples more than just audio. Sample the experience. As for my policy towards samples, I do provide them at the charge of a single song ($100), which can be applied toward the final invoice if you choose to proceed with mastering. I'm also always open to mix consultation and working with engineers to determine if there are any issues with a mix prior to mastering.