Mastering Studio


Audiosiege is an independent audio mastering studio and music production facility located in the Falcon Recording Studios building, a longstanding bastion of the Portland, Oregon independent music scene, where scores of classic recordings have been tracked, mixed, and mastered. Founded and helmed by Brad Boatright, Audiosiege offers professional, custom mastering and audio services to recording artists locally and worldwide. With roots that extend deep into the Hardcore, Punk, Metal, and Alternative music scenes, Audiosiege employs a balanced combination of experience, skill, knowledge, and finely-tuned listening environment with the best in both analog mastering equipment and digital audio processing.

Services offered include mastering recordings for CD, vinyl, cassette, and video, mastering for digital releases, and Apple Digital Masters (Formerly MFiT). Audio restoration and remastering is also offered on a custom basis.

We understand the passion involved with creating music, and we know the high value of work that is done when that passion is reciprocated by an experienced mastering engineer.

Analog Mastering Studio


A modern, hybrid mastering workflow uses top notch and current analog and digital technology to approach your music with the respect that it deserves. A pristine signal path, with a diverse pallette of sound-processing options, compromises nothing.  Housing several pieces of mastering-grade analog gear, the main desk in the mastering studio occupies a sonically-accurate, professionally-designed room. Top-shelf digital to analog/analog to digital conversion, updated and current plug-ins, and a myriad of digital processing options are also at our disposal, providing exceptional editing and restoration capabilites. See our extensive gear list for more details

Analog Mastering Gear


With almost two-thousand credits-and counting-on Discogs, our diverse range of past clients from six contenents has provided us with a backbone of experience required to approach the mastering process with music of all genres, subjectively and without bias. With a passion for music from every decade of the recording industry, a "professional listener" approach is taken with every single piece of work that enters the studio to be mastered.  And our background and history in the independent music scene supports our aim to charge rates that are affordable to self-reliant, hard-working musicians, both locally and worldwide.

Analog Mastering Equipment

Our mission is to provide a service to the artist that properly transforms a recording from mixed to mastered, and this service is as tailor-made as it gets. The benefits of having a recording mastered by a professional, experienced mastering engineer, in an environment designed specifically for mastering, cannot be overstated. And the advantages of a fresh set of ears, hearing your mixes on monitors that differ from those typically focused on mixing and tracking, are numerous. Our work goes beyond the decisions typically made during mastering regarding equalization and compression, and extends to providing the best sounding recording possible-one that translates on all mediums-to inspire and excite listeners. From vinyl, to digital, to CD and cassette, the focus is on the experience, as much as the sound, and hopefully we can help your record change someone's life.