I don’t consider myself anything but lucky to have been involved with a collection of music as magical as the new Windhand album, “Grief’s Infernal Flower”, recorded and produced by Jack Endino and due to be released on September 18th via Relapse.

Check out the video for “Crypt Key” below. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


Boston’s Defeater have released the first single from their new album, Abandoned on Epitaph Records. Recorded and mixed by the band’s own Jay Maas, and mastered here at AudioSiege. View the video below and order it here.


Bringing back the news page here, and I’ll try to keep on top of updates. It’s been a crazy year so far, and Audiosiege now has a YouTube channel, which will soon have more videos featuring pieces about gear, techniques and tips, stories about records we’ve mastered, and more. Check out the first video-which is more a trailer of sorts-here:

I’ll also be getting back in the groove of posting teasers and videos for upcoming releases, since there are several incredible records we’ve mastered set for release in the second half of 2015.

Another thing I’m really excited about lately is the studio’s newest stereo compressor, the Foote Control Systems P3EX. This thing sounds stellar and fattens up the music while retaining and enhancing transient punch. It’s full of what I’d almost describe as “sonic torque”. As odd as it sounds, I’d describe it as the Ampeg V4 of buss compressors. Two weeks into using it and I’m still finding myself pumping my fist and smiling every time I patch it in. Absolutely incredible... Pure power.



Audiosiege frequently teams up with Jacob Bredahl’s Dead Rat Studio to master their recordings, mixes, and productions. Recently we were lucky to get two songs from IAMFIRE, featuring Peter Dolving, former vocalist for The Haunted. You can check out a video for “Burn Your Halo Red” and read more about the project here.



The mighty Old Man Gloom recorded two LPs with Kurt Ballou at God City this summer, and The Ape of God part 1 and 2 were then mastered at Audiosiege. This was an awesome project to be involved with, and one in which there was a lot of energy spent on getting achieving sonic perfection and a flawless execution and translation of the band’s vision. I’m proud to have worked on it, and excited that pre-orders for the vinyl (SIGE Records) and CD (Profound Lore) have been announced today. Look for these dense slabs to ship mid November. Pre-order the vinyl here and the CD here.




Earlier this year, Portland’s Lord Dying recorded their sophomore album here with Joel Grind at the helm for production, recording, and mixing duties, after which it was mastered in house at Audiosiege. It’s an incredible, heavy and unique record, and I’ve really been anticipating its release a lot lately. Relapse and the band have unleashed an album trailer, which you can watch here. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for a pre order announcement.



Portland’s Usnea are gearing up to release “Random cosmic Violence” for Relapse next month, and No Clean Singing have debuted the title track, a 14 minute marathon of heavy darkness. Recorded by Fester at Haywire Recording in Portland, and mastered at Audiosiege, this 4 song crusher is not to be missed. Order it here, listen below.




Wow what a week... I’m sitting here at the studio printing the first pass of a new record from Seattle’s Devotion, after cranking out records from Parasight, Valkyrie, The Siege Fire, Halshug, Man vs Man, Kosovo, Birthright, Disrotted, Franklin Zoo, Black Tusk, Curse of the North, Beachmover, Cold Hearts, Strangeweather, Cinemechanica, and more. It’s been a crazy week and the second one in a row that I’ve needed a Saturday to catch up, but I’m lucky to work with such great band and amazing music. My gratitude is extended to everyone who has trusted an album with Audiosiege.




Portland death rockers Atriarch have premiered a track from their new album, “An Unending Pathway”, which is set to drop October 28th on Relapse Records. Recorded by Billy Anderson at Type Foundry here in Portland and mixed at his own Everything Hz, then mastered here at Audiosiege, this record is not one to be missed and carries a unique blend of old death rock and goth (think Christian Death, Fields of the Nephilim, etc.) and modern doom. I’m really proud to have been involved with it and wish Atriarch and Relapse good luck with its release. Have a listen to “Bereavement”, courtesy of Noisey at the link below, and order it here.




Florida Death Metal legends Obituary have released another song from their Audiosiege-mastered album, Inked in Blood, which is due to drop October 27th via Relapse Records. We’re beyond honored to have been chosen for this mastering job, and it was really cool having the band request a transparent and organic approach to the mix, not worrying about the loudness wars. You can listen to it via Guitar World at the link below, and order it here




Baltimore’s Old Lines are releasing their second LP tomorrow, via No Sleep Records. It’s a raging slab of hardcore punk, and after mastering their first LP and recent 7” EP, I expected nothing short of excellence from them going into it. Decibel Magazine are streaming it today, and you can order it here. Kevin Bernsten at Developing Nations Recording did a great job with the recording and mix as well.




Vancouver, BC’s Baptists are gearing up to release one of this year’s most anticipated albums, the second of which has employed the recorded at GodCity/mastered at Audiosiege/released on Southern Lord combination. We’re pleased with the outcome and excited about the official release this Tuesday (October 14th). Stream “Bloodmines”, courtesy of CVLT Nation, and order it from Southern Lord here




Earlier this week, Noisey premiered a new song from the Generation of Vipers´╗┐ record we mastered this summer. Recorded by the band’s Travis Kammeyer at Fahrenheit Studio in Johnson City, Tennessee, and mixed at Translator Audio in Brooklyn, I’m incredibly stoked on this record, and you should be as well. Due out October 28th on Translation Loss.


Pre-order it here



Pitchfork is streaming “Poison Everything”, the new Obliterations LP we mastered in its entirety this week. Recorded at Dave Grohl’s Studio 606 in Los Angeles,mixed by Kurt Ballou at GodCity, and mastered at Audiosiege, this one’s a rager to say the least.


You can order it courtesy of Southern Lord


October 6th, 2014: Finally got the new website up and running, now on to a busy week of mastering. On the schedule are new recordings from Iluminado, Hellweed, Leather Lung, Youth in Bloom, Reinforce, Parasight, Cole Engle, Cold Hearts, No Place Like Road, New Plague, Black Wings of Destiny, Beachmover, Thera Roya, Curse of the North, Strangeweather, and more.