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Stranger Things Soundtrack Nominated for Grammy Award

On February 12th, both volumes of the Stranger Things soundtrack, by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein (of Survive) will be up for the Grammy award of best soundtrack for visual media. We're rooting for them since they were mastered right here at Audiosiege. Good luck and congratulations guys!



Bringing back the news page here, and I’ll try to keep on top of updates. It’s been a crazy year so far, and Audiosiege now has a YouTube channel, which will soon have more videos featuring pieces about gear, techniques and tips, stories about records we’ve mastered, and more. Check out the first video-which is more a trailer of sorts-here:

I’ll also be getting back in the groove of posting teasers and videos for upcoming releases, since there are several incredible records we’ve mastered set for release in the second half of 2015.

Another thing I’m really excited about lately is the studio’s newest stereo compressor, the Foote Control Systems P3EX. This thing sounds stellar and fattens up the music while retaining and enhancing transient punch. It’s full of what I’d almost describe as “sonic torque”. As odd as it sounds, I’d describe it as the Ampeg V4 of buss compressors. Two weeks into using it and I’m still finding myself pumping my fist and smiling every time I patch it in. Absolutely incredible... Pure power.



Wow what a week... I’m sitting here at the studio printing the first pass of a new record from Seattle’s Devotion, after cranking out records from Parasight, Valkyrie, The Siege Fire, Halshug, Man vs Man, Kosovo, Birthright, Disrotted, Franklin Zoo, Black Tusk, Curse of the North, Beachmover, Cold Hearts, Strangeweather, Cinemechanica, and more. It’s been a crazy week and the second one in a row that I’ve needed a Saturday to catch up, but I’m lucky to work with such great band and amazing music. My gratitude is extended to everyone who has trusted an album with Audiosiege.